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We see a lot of natural beauty products around here. Like, a lot. As summer arrives, we finds ourselves returning to a short list of tried and true products we know will keep us tan, smooth, cool — and all the other things we want to be June through September. Here are all thirteen…

castor oil, summer beauty, organic, eyelash growth, eyebrow, eyelashcastor oil lash and brow wand | Castor oil is an incredible ingredient for promoting hair growth. Swipe a little onto brows and lashes every night and watch them get thick and gorgeous after a couple of weeks. Work this easy single-ingredient step into your daily routine for the ultimate no-makeup hack. CHECK OUT
summer beauty, scalp, scalp health, scalp scrub, natural beauty, dphuedphue scalp scrub | Shampoo only goes so far during the summer, when our locks are collecting sweat, sand, and dry shampoo. If you rely on dry shampoo more often than you should, you’re going to want to order a scalp scrub ASAP. Easier to use than it sounds, scalp scrubs leave scalp and hair feeling clean on a level we can’t get over.  CHECK OUT
summer beauty, ice roller, natural beautyice roller | You don’t know bliss until you pull one of these babies out of the freezer on a hot summer day. We love using ice rollers across the face to reduce redness and de-puff. It’s also amazing if you’ve hiked a little too hard and need to give your muscles some relief.  CHECK OUT
sunless tanner, natural beauty, summer beauty, self tannervita liberata tanning mousse | Getting that perfect summer glow doesn’t have to compromise the health of your skin. This non-toxic tanning mousse is a great natural shade, gives strong color and lasts long without creating weird splotchy patches. CHECK OUT
summer beauty, natural beauty, aloe verasw basics powdered aloe | Traveling anywhere with aloe vera gel is impossible. S.W. Basics little packets of this dry aloe powder make addressing the first signs of too much sun a snap. Mix a bit of powder with water to form an ultra-soothing paste. Need a little hydration boost? Blend some powder into your usual lotion or face serum and let the aloe work its magic, without dealing with a cold gloopy mess. CHECK OUT
body polish, summer beauty, natural beauty, body scrubone love body scrub | There’s no better beauty ritual to kick off summer than a body scrub. It will sloff off winter dryness and prep your skin for bronzer, tanner or a good summer moisturizer. This vitamin C infused body polish contains an ultra-concentrated combination of vitamins, shea butter and sugar crystals to exfoliate gently and nourish deeply. CHECK OUT

sparkling water, hydration, mineral water, gerolsteinergerolsteiner water | Does water count as a beauty product? In this case, yes. Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water is packed with magnesium, meaning as you’re hydrating you’re mineralizing too. Gerolsteiner and Pellegrino made it into this video on our Editor In Chief’s daily diet.Both waters contain a ton of beautifying minerals that are easy to sip on all summer long. CHECK OUT

best Natural Nail ProductsThe sign Tribe nail remover cream | Between beach days and pool adventures, our manicures don’t stand a chance during the summer.This game-changing polish remover comes in cream form. Simply dot a dollop onto your nail and swipe away you polish. It’s the fastest, easiest, most gentle at-home mani hack we’ve ever tried. CHECK OUT
body scrub, best natural beauty, beauty product, natural beauty, non-toxic beautyC and the moon body scrub | This delicious body scrub was called out by Kim Kardashian as one of the best ones ever — and we coun’t agree more. The ingredient list looks a lot like a healthy cookie recipe (in a good way) featuring brown sugar, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba seed oil. It leaves skin amazingly hydrated and smells divine.  CHECK OUT
natural beauty, non toxic beauty, lipstick, kosaskosas sport lip | This majorly hydrating new lip product with SPF is designed for our sweatiest moments, whether that’s an intense workout or a long day at the beach. Infused with hyaluronic acid and nourishing natural oils, it effectively plumps, soothes and smoothes lips. CHECK OUT
summer beauty, sunscreen, natural sunscreen, natural beautyvivesana sunscreen | No list of essential summer beauty products would be complete without a luxe natural SPF. Vive Sana’s light-feeling, organic formulas are some of our favorite for their natural ingredient list, quick absorption and non-greasy feel. CHECK OUT
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