Split photo with a long shot of a lounge area on the left and 2 men in a living room on the right
  • Split photo with a long shot of a lounge area on the left and 2 men in a living room on the right
  • Long shot of a living room with white sofa, 2 green armchairs and art deco coffee tables
  • 2 men in a living room

When interior designer Nate Berkus isn’t finishing his daughter’s pancakes or whipping up a mean spicy marg, he’s busy creating collections like this one with husband, Jeremiah Brent.

Their latest collab with Living Spaces pulls together everything we love about good design: classic shapes, modern reinterpretation and total livability. Nate’s design ethos is that your home should tell a story about who you are. His approachable aesthetic is a perfect match to that of his husband’s, who – from what we can tell below – is also the more wellnessy of the pair.

Their new collection draws inspiration from their most personal design project — the home they’ve built together. We asked the designing power couple to share a morning at home with us. Read through their responses to our stylish series and then let that note from Jeremiah linger with you…is designer potpourri really back?

Coffee preference:

Nate: Black, and served in bed from Jeremiah.
Jeremiah: Extra strong with a splash of vanilla creamer.

Daily breakfast:

Nate: That depends — sometimes bacon and eggs — or the rest of our daughter Poppy’s pancakes.
Jeremiah: I’m not a big breakfast person…more coffee?

Dream breakfast:

Nate: Room service anything. Or the Chilaquiles con Mole Poblano at Matisse in Mexico City.
Jeremiah: A homemade stack of pancakes and maple bacon.

Food philosophy:

Nate: I eat like an 8-year-old.
Jeremiah: Any opportunity for the ceremony of a shared meal — keep it simple, keep it personal.

Daily supplements:

Nate: None.
Jeremiah: I actually take a bajillion vitamins…but my favorite is turmeric. Turmeric everything.

Go-to juice or smoothie:

Nate: Greek yogurt, almond butter, a fig and a banana blended with ice.
Jeremiah: Lemon, ginger and cayenne.

Kitchen tool obsession:

Nate: Tupperware — I love leftovers.
Jeremiah: Juicer

Staple always in our pantry:

Nate: Basmati rice/ Annie’s Mac and Cheese/ Patron Silver tequila.
Jeremiah: Hot sauce, Patron Silver, Annie’s Mac and Cheese (the shells).

Favorite thing to cook for friends:

Nate: Skinny margarita — that counts, right? I use fresh ginger!

Wine or cocktail:

Nate: See above!
Jeremiah: Spicy margarita all the way!

Favorite daily workout:

Nate: Soul Cycle
Jeremiah: Either a workout with our trainer or Angela’s class at Soul Cycle.

Strange wellness habit:

Nate: Botox
Jeremiah: I meditate every morning.

Favorite home scent:

Nate: This is Jeremiah’s department. I like things that smell like flowers — he likes our house to smell like a campfire.
Jeremiah: Potpourri from Santa Maria Novella

Making time to read:

Nate: I read two to three books a week.
Jeremiah: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.

Lately I'm always wearing:

Nate: Old HERMES boots
Jeremiah: A Saint Laurent button-up and black Goodfellow jeans from Target.

At least once a week I cook:

Nate: Smoothie
Jeremiah: My special top secret sprinkle pancakes for our daughter.

Best health advice:

Nate: Get everything checked, and checked again.
Jeremiah: Listen to your body — and water, drink more!

Room you hang out most in at home:

Nate: The kitchen and adjacent family room, though lately we’ve been building castles in Poppy’s toy room.
Jeremiah: Our kitchen!

Special recipe you love to make at home:

Nate: My morning smoothie is delicious — even our daughter agrees!

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