A glimpse at Natalia’s fave tells you so much about the kind of life she is leading. All-natural and full of life! We love Natalia’s attitude toward health and self-care. Check out a few of her tips below and embrace what we call ‘living well’!

Travel Essentials:
Carry-on must have: My iPod tunes, writing notebook and cashmere blankie
To feel at home: Coconut oil and my own shampoo and conditioner
Travel wardrobe: Riding boots, leggings and a tunic. Comfort and warmth are a must!

Favorite Books & Teachers:
Mind-body staple: Anita Lucia Briggs meditations
Daily must: Almine classes and meditations
Guru or two: Lee Harris, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov books

Food & Drink:
Fave indulgence: Rose Bar 70% dark chocolate
Sweetener: NuNaturals Stevia
Raw staple: Shiloh Farms raw goat cheese
Life-filled snacks: Sunflower sprouts, Peruvian black botija olives (pitted & herbed), raw sweet potato slices
Green Lemonade: Kale, celery, romaine, cucumber, lemon & ginger (awfully similar to Pressed Juicery Greens 3!)
Shots: Wheatgrass juice

What would I do without my: Blendtec blender
Can’t live without: my cheese slicer
Simple takeaway: A good knife in my purse for fruits, veggies and who knows what else along the way!

Grooming products:
Wrinkle banisher: Fresh Elixir Ancien, Fresh Creme Ancienne
Mane attraction: Giovanni Shampoos & Conditioners
Beauty buster: Yerba Prima body brush

Fave habit: Bellicon Rebounder
Sweat-fest: High Tech Health Infrared Sauna
Workout soundtrack: Pet Shop Boys Discography, favorite track: Suburbia

My uniform: Calypso dresses, sandals and cashmeres
Go-to shoes: Hogan sneakers

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