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Dr. Oz walks the talk. Or so it seems from every angle on television. You can’t absorb what America’s favorite doctor has to say for long without being momentarily distracted by how fit and trim he keeps! A great sign that this doctor, who so many of us use as a litmus test on health topics of all kinds, lives the life he so thoroughly encourages folks to embrace during his daily program.

Enter personal trainer, Joel Harper. Joel is a successful trainer in his own right, keeping everyone from top Olympic athletes to world-touring musicians in peak condition throughout the year. But after training with Dr. Oz, it became natural that Joel would begin to weigh in on Dr. Oz’s popular program and it wasn’t long before he was helping the rest of us learn how to best achieve our fitness goals as well!

From his appearances with Dr. Oz to his contributions to the best-selling YOU: books and Firming After 50 series, Joel is a leader in his field. We asked Joel to give us an inside glimpse at what his own workouts – and his sessions with his clients – are really like! It’s no surprise to us that a glimpse inside Joel’s studio reveals that he is all about good old-fashioned sweat sessions and clean, GMO-free protein powder that is also gluten-free! Here’s Joel…

My specialty is...

Helping people break out of their comfort zone and get the body they have always dreamed of. 

Moment I got hooked on fitness:

I did a guy’s calendar for Hallmark in high school and I had to take my shirt off in front of the camera!

My secret weapon:

Exercise, stretch, exercise, stretch – and repeat! 

Always in my gym bag:

Dry, clean clothes, and protein powder with a shaker. 

Workout gear I rely on:

Nine-inch inflatable ball, trimming belt, bands, jump rope and a weighted ball.

Fave quick workout outside the gym:

Running the stairs of the 60-story building where I work.

My clients love to hate me when...

I make them do the alphabet backwards while they have to continue an exercise.

Latest healthy obsession:

Swimming. It works a different set of muscles, and it is refreshing and therapeutic.

Favorite workout move/technique:

Towel runs, ab circles, knee bounces, break dancing and grounded freestyle. 

Biggest inspiration:

Movies. They use a different part of my brain, and help me think outside of the box and have more compassion.

When I'm not pumping iron with Dr. Oz:

I’m eating!!! I am hungry 24/7.

Favorite post-workout fuel:

TwinLabs Whey Protein Isolate.

Favorite way to hydrate:


Favorite smoothie/shake recipe:

Papaya Lime Protein Shake

1/2 banana
1 cup or so flax milk
1/2 papaya
2 wedges of lime
handful of blueberries
scoop of TwinLab Clean Series protein powder
4 cubes of ice

Blend all ingredients until smooth and enjoy!

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