Mornings With The Eternally Young Mimi Kirk

In our minds, the vivacious Mimi Kirk is a health superstar with looks that defy her age and an attitude to match.  Here, Mimi shares a sneak peek at how she starts her day and some of her healthy morning rituals and recipes.

The Chalkboard Mag: What time do you wake up in the morning?  Do you set an alarm or wake up naturally?
Mimi Kirk: First, I’d like to say that I have the most comfortable bed in the world. Stone washed linen sheets, Sleeper Comfort Bed, great pillows and blankets… so I love my bed and think bedding is important to good sleep. A peaceful, serene room is important to me. Since I work from home, I have very casual hours. I go to sleep between midnight and 1 a.m. I do not set an alarm unless I have to catch a plane or have an early talk or appointment. I try to set appointments around noon. I wake up naturally anywhere between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

TCM: Do you practice a morning stretching, meditation or any other kind of ritual upon waking?
MK: I stretch, then I go for a walk for over an hour almost every day. I also do yoga a couple times a week. I meditate at different times, but I’ve meditated for many, many years first thing in the morning.

TCM: What’s your favorite morning beverage?
KM: I NEED my morning green drink. I juice cucumber, celery, spinach and apple as a basic. Sometimes I add all that to the blender with a banana, young Thai coconut water and blueberries. I try and mix it up every day or so. Today we had mangos, Meyer lemons from our tree, kale and orange juice from our orange tree, a little alkaline water and that is our vitamin C drink for the day.

TCM: What is your favorite way to spend the morning when you have time?
MK: I stay in bed on my computer answering mail, researching health articles and autographing books that my boyfriend kindly brings up to me.

TCM: Do you prefer showers or baths in the morning?
MK: I’m totally a bath girl. I LOVE my bath morning and at night before I get in bed. Truthfully, if the water stayed hot, I’d stay in there longer than I am now.

TCM: What are your top 3 bath and beauty products?
MK: My Exfoliating Bath Gloves are a must for me. I use them dry on my face and body then wet them and put Dr. Woods Black Liquid Soap on the gloves to wash my face and Dr. Woods Liquid Almond Soap with Shea Butter for my body.

TCM: What are your 3 favorite energizing breakfasts?
MK: Besides my green drink, I would say a mixture of fresh fruit or chia oatmeal.

TCM: In your closet, would we find anything particular to you? Do you love color? Natural materials?
MK: I do love color, but you would probably see lots of black in my closet. It’s kind of a daily uniform. I wear jeans or other skinny leg pants. I prefer natural materials, but have other fabric in my closet. I’m a simple dresser these days.

TCM: Is there any music you particularly enjoy listening to in the morning?
MK: My daughter used to program World Music and loaded many wonderful sounds onto my iPod.  I feel like I’m traveling to far away places when I listen to it. One of my other old time favorites besides world music is James Taylor. You can find me dancing in my kitchen on many days.

TCM: Do you regularly read any books, papers or websites in the morning?
MK: I am always referencing websites of all kinds. There is so much great information out there, but one has to search a lot to find the truth. I give lots of talks so I want to make sure the information I share is accurate. I’m really fascinated with what we eat. It always amazes me what’s in processed food and the standard American diet, and I’m so surprised people still eat this way.

TCM: Do you pack snacks for the day if you are going to be out?  What are your favorites to tote along?
MK: I always bring food for the plane or car trip, but for local trips I usually grab a banana or apple to take along. My favorites snack for long travel is my raw veggie burger between Savoy cabbage leaves with tomato, thinly sliced red onion, avocado, raw pickle and homemade dressing. They hold up very well for traveling.

When I’m in the Los Angeles area, I’m always happy as I can find so many raw food restaurants. If not, when I’m out, I always order a salad at restaurants or stop by a health food store and pick something up. I know it’s not always organic when I eat out, but I try to make it easy on myself, my boyfriend or other friends we might dine with. Of course, I only eat organic at home.

TCM: Would you share a favorite breakfast recipe/tote-along snack recipe?
MK: Of course! A quick great breakfast is my version of oatmeal, plus a glass of homemade almond milk:


Mimi Kirk’s “Oatmeal”


3/4 cup almonds
2-3 organic apples
4-5 Medjool dates
Dash of cinnamon
1 Tablespoon coconut oil
A squeeze of lemon so the apples don’t turn dark


Place all ingredients in food processor and pulse-chop until smallish pieces. Don’t over chop into applesauce…  a little texture is good, but it’s your choice. Place in 2 bowls and add homemade almond milk and sliced bananas if you like. It reminds me of oatmeal, but only better.

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