FIVE GIRLS RAW: I can taste the air**

Driving by Ralphs I could taste chicken. Not really sure why that was…I know they make it.

Walking by the local MomN’Pop burger joint by my work, I could literally taste the Bacon Cheeseburger I love so dearly.

A co-worker just warmed up leftover pizza in the microwave while I was making a smoothie with my magic bullet. She left and all of a sudden I got a whiff of the familiar. I asked her, “did you put something deliciously spicy on your pizza?” She laughs and says, “Tabasco”. Saturday I thought that I should maybe do 60 days. In this moment, I am not so sure.


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  1. 60 days- You can do it! xo

    Aisha | 03.30.2012 | Reply
  2. 60 days…no way jose!

    mayday1618 | 04.09.2012 | Reply
  3. Good luck with our journey. With this way of eating no food is cooked, baked, warm, broiled, boiled, steamed or nuked?

    Nancy | 04.13.2012 | Reply
    • I know this comment is old, but wanted to have the answer here in case someone else comes across it. Yes you can have food warmed up to 105 degrees. You can also make soups with very hot water, have hot tea, hot (raw) cocoa, etc.

      Alexandra | 09.17.2016 | Reply

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