Using “deadstock” fabrics from top designers, Christy Dawn is creating sustainable dresses L.A. cool girls can’t get enough of. Think prairie dresses, floor-sweeping gowns, and chic caftans that will take you from Venice to Tulum to San Fran and back. We’re loving her uber-feminine prints and vintage-inspired cuts.

Deadstock fabrics are essentially batches of scrap material leftover from giant designer orders. Smaller designers are able to get their hands on beautiful, top notch fabrics in small amounts that would otherwise go to waste. Using deadstock allows a designer to go green and stay high-fashion.

We visited Christy in her namesake shop along L.A.’s up-and-coming Lincoln Boulevard corridor. Her shop is the thing a modern girl’s dreams are made of – complete with fiddle leaf fig tree and a stock of ZenBunni chocolates. We picked up a floor-length dress for ourselves and quizzed Christy on what’s inspiring her now…

The brand in 3 words:

Timeless. Feminine. Beauty.

Brands you carry:

Marais, Janessa Leone, ZenBunni and, of course, Christy Dawn.

Recent obsessions:

Loving my newest find: a pair of handmade shoes, crafted with deadstock leather. I love them so much, we just ordered eight pairs for the shop.

Our customer is…

Sophisticated, revels in her femininity, appreciates the beauty of subtlety, conscious of the world and how she impacts it.

Go-to shop uniform lately:

 You can’t go wrong with the Dawn Dress. Its just so easy and effortless. It pairs well with Chucks, but can also be dressed up for a night out.

Favorite piece from line currently:

The Lottie Dress. Its full skirt is perfect for fall and the silhouette evokes a sense of femininity that makes me feel so damn sexy without showing too much. Obviously I’m not the only one who thought so as it sold out quickly on the its debut release. We didn’t anticipate just how well it would be received!

A note on why sustainability matters:

Sustainability matters because there is no where else to go. When we come into harmony with Mother Earth, things are easier, more bountiful, and it just feels right.

We’re always drinking…

Greens 1 from Pressed. Love their Coffee Almond too. I’ve also developed a pretty expensive kombucha habit.

Always stashed:

ZenBunni biodynamic chocolates, roasted seaweed, and raw nori sticks.

Always playing:

We have a Spotify shop playlist that we’re constantly adding to. It’s a mix of Davendra, Dolly, and Florence (yeah, we’re on a first name basis), spiced up with tunes from Alexander, First Aid Kit, Silver Pine, the Stones and so many others…

Candle always burning:

We carry Fig and Moss candles in our shop and we’re obsessed with their coffee scented candle.

Nearby hotspots:

Vytas’s yoga class at Power Yoga East is my favorite (and apparently it’s everyone else’s favorite too). We are also just a few blocks from the ocean. Watching the sun set from the water’s edge is a powerful way to end the day.

Go-to spot for lunch nearby:

Superba Food and Bread is delicious (their kale salad is on point).

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