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    Mornings With Camille Styles: On Pinterest, Foam Rollers + Alarm Clocks

    Mornings are magic, especially when we use them to do more of what we love. We're all about the AM routine of our February Guest Editor, Camille Styles...

    Early birds get the best spot in spin class. We can’t say we’ll be meeting Camille Styles for a 5AM-er any time soon, but we love how our February Guest Editor makes the most of her mornings, including post-coffee mindfulness and a roasted root veggie to start the day off feeling fabulously well.

    We spent a morning with Camille dishing on her daily essentials, from fitness to face oils and all the healthful snacks in between. Take a peek below for the classes she’s loving, the playlist she’s getting creative to and a mantra that makes us want to wake up early and savor the silence. Be sure to pop over to our breakfast in bed Pinterest giveaway with Camille for even more AM inspo…

    My alarm is set for…

    6:30 a.m. — unless I’m going to an early morning spin class, which means a 5:15 a.m. wake-up call! (So painful, but worth it!)

    I can’t start my morning without…

    Coffee and a few minutes of mindfulness to get myself centered for the day — deep breathing, prayer, and journaling, if I have time.

    Breakfast is normally…

    I rarely eat right when I wake up, but later in the morning I’ll eat something light, like a green smoothie, piece of avo toast or roasted sweet potato.

    Favorite morning beverage is…

    Coffee first, then an herbal tea, tons of water and maybe a green smoothie. I need lots of beverages to get me through the day!

    My favorite moment in the morning is…

    I’m one of those annoying people who loves the sound of my alarm clock in the morning — the wonderful potential of a new day ahead makes me so happy! Sitting at my desk at home with my coffee, scanning the news and reflecting on what I hope to accomplish that day always gets me energized.

    Morning are normally filled with…

    Lots of things to check off my list before we get out the door! Packing lunches, getting two kids dressed and ready and making breakfast for everyone equals extremely full and lively mornings.

    On the best mornings I…

    Feel well rested and present in the moment.

    Latest wellness obsession…

    Foam rolling! I got this really intense one called a Rumble Roller with raised bumps that go deep into the tissue to stretch the muscle and fascia. It’s even supposed to tighten and tone skin, and is really the next best thing to an at-home massage therapist. I’ve been using it every night and feel so relaxed when I climb into bed.

    I get my creative juices flowing by…

    When I wake up, I try to spend a few minutes thinking about the one biggest creative challenge I want to solve that day. I’ll journal about it, read articles online or even scroll through my Pinterest feed to get ideas flowing.

    My favorite morning distraction…

    Emailing and texting with faraway friends before the workday gets started.

    Favorite fitness routine…

    I’m addicted to barre classes at MOD Fitness and spin classes at LOVE Cycling — and I swear by our family’s daily neighborhood walk as my most consistent way of working fitness into my life, even when things get really busy.

    I’m usually listening to…

    One of the “Chill” playlists on Spotify.

    Natural beauty product I swear by…

    Daily uniform this season…

    Our company dress code is incredibly relaxed — especially since we’re based in casual Austin — so some days might find me experimenting with edgier styles, whereas other days I’m in leggings and sneakers so I can head straight to a barre class after work. Generally, my look is some combo of skinny jeans, blazer or tee and booties.

    Current inspirations:

    I’ve been so into documentaries lately. “Before the Flood” really opened my eyes to climate change issues, and last night I watched a beautiful surfing doc called “Bella Vita” that gave me loads of inspiration for an upcoming trip to Tuscany that I’m planning. I also really use Instagram as a place to get visually inspired. I’ve been following a lot of food bloggers out of Australia who are doing such beautiful things with raw, vegan cooking.

    Fave lunch spots:

    I love the rice bowl with roasted vegetables and avocado at Josephine House or the shredded kale and cauliflower salad at Cafe No Se.

    The recipe I’m making:

    This ahi tuna poké bowl has been on repeat at our house lately. I got the idea for the flavor combination on a trip to Hawaii, and it’s the perfect thing for when we’re craving something light yet totally satisfying.

    My current mantra:

    Slow down, be open, stay present.

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