Win Our Breakfast In Bed Pinterest Contest With Camille Styles

breakfast in bed can go a couple of ways. One is the hot mess of a morning that involves sweatpants, cold leftovers and Netflix (which also has its own glory); the other is the glamorously fresh kind of morning involving elegant PJ’s, fragrant florals and the best coffee ever.

To kick off our month with February Guest Editor, lifestyle blogger Camille Styles, we’re giving away the ultimate breakfast in bed morning and celebrating the most romantic month of the year in style. Camille is the queen of cozy home entertaining in a way that gives us all the February feels – which is why we’re excited to team up with her for this very Pinteresty collab.

Settle in with a smoothie (here are a few faves to get you started!) and start dreaming up a Valentine’s Day Pinterest board like no other. Get all the details below on how that board gets you an opportunity to win luxe bedding from Parachute Home, ‘his and hers’ designer PJ’s from Sleepy Jones, three months of home floral deliveries from The Bouqs Co and more! We’ve even thrown in an essential oil diffuser, some green juice and our favorite coffee to keep things extra Chalky.

Fully embrace our fave winter trend this season and get to creating the coziest, most romantic breakfast in bed board ever. Here’s how to play with us and enter to win…

Our TCM x Camille Styles Pinterest Contest!

What You'll Win

3 Months of Biweekly Flower Deliveries from The Bouqs Co.; Parachute Home ‘Venice’ Bedding Set + Eye Mask; Sleepy Jones His + Hers Pajama Set; Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser + Oil Set; Base Coat Body Creme, Salt Scrub, Body + Bath Oil;  $50 of Pressed Juicery Juices; a pound of Canyon Coffee; and Camille Styles Entertaining: Inspired Gatherings and Effortless Style

Step 1: Find Us On Pinterest

Find and follow The Chalkboard Mag and Camille Styles on Pinterest.

Step 2: Create A New Board

Create a new Pinterest board and title it Breakfast in Bed: TCM x Camille Styles V-Day Contest

Step 3: Pin Your Heart Out!

Build a board that shows your own personal style and let us know what’s inspiring you: include edible essentials, scene-setting decor, sheet-spiration and anything else that gets you dreaming about the most romantic time of the year. Include at least 10 pins from our board Breakfast in Bed: TCM x Camille Styles V-Day Contest to be included in the contest – the rest is up to you!

Step 4: Submit Your Board

Once you feel your board is complete, all you’ve got to do is let us know! Officially enter the giveaway by leaving a link to your board in the comments below. We’ll announce the winner on February 14th, 2017! Good luck, readers!

Giveaway closes Tuesday, February 14th at 5PM PST. Open to continental US residents only. Good luck, readers!

Mornings are magic, especially when we use them to do more of what we love. We're all about the AM routine of our February Guest Editor, Camille Styles...

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  1. Heres my V-day board 🙂

    Tessa Magsoudi | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  2. megan | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  3. Love the boards and this contest!

    Jesi | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  4. http://pin.it/6GfFr6s
    I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest…

    Kristina | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  5. Loving all the TCM inspo! Here’s my board! http://pin.it/1xUy_Jc

    Savannah Latta | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  6. Olivia Eberle | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  7. My board! Thanks for the chance. A Mama can dream of having breakfast in bed

    Ginger | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  8. Katharine | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  9. Check out my faves!

    Surbhi K. | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  10. http://pin.it/z2GusrE
    I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest…

    Heather Sliwa | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  11. Alexandra Miller | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  12. Thank you! Fingers crossed you like mine 🙂

    Aleks | 02.01.2017 | Reply
  13. This was such a fun task…usually I find giveaways tedious, but I had such a nice time with yours. And you reminded me of how much I love Pinterest for inspiration; thank you!!


    Sara | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  14. Lia M Banks | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  15. So very excited to share some of my inspiration with you! Happy Valentine’s Day <3

    Paulene S. | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  16. Thanks for giving me some inspiration for treating myself on one of the loneliest days of the year. <3 Actually looking forward to it now.

    Madison | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  17. so much fun! thank you for letting me dream a little

    Estefany | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  18. This was so much FUN! Thank you for letting me dream a little .

    Estefany | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  19. Love this! Here’s my link <3

    Juana Diez | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  20. Vanessa | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  21. Kylie | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  22. Looking forward to V-day after all this Pinspiration <3 Good luck everyone.


    zenimue | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  23. fralala | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  24. Hannah Brilling | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  25. Elisabeth | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  26. Here’s my board! This was so fun to make! The giveaway looks amazing!

    Amina McCabe | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  27. Bridget Blood | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  28. Elizabeth Gross | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  29. Erica | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  30. Kerry Long | 02.02.2017 | Reply
  31. Bike accident, fractured hand + surgery and tough year but I know great things to are still to come!!….Like winning this much needed cozy morning in https://www.pinterest.com/misha465/breakfast-in-bed-tcm-x-camille-styles-v-day-contes/
    What better way to start than making some inspiration boards : )

    MISHA MCDONALD | 02.03.2017 | Reply
  32. I LOVED this little challenge. Totally getting me in February hygge mode <3

    Here is my board:

    Amelia | 02.03.2017 | Reply
  33. Lara | 02.03.2017 | Reply
  34. What a fun contest and a way to get inspired before Valentines Day! Check out my Pinterest (@laviebythesea) xx


    Morgan Kashata | 02.03.2017 | Reply
  35. All this makes me so excited for V-Day!

    Kristine | 02.03.2017 | Reply
  36. Danielle | 02.03.2017 | Reply
  37. That was a dream! Suddenly my mouth is watering and I’m craving breakfast in a cozy beautiful bed! This was a fun Pinterest mission 🙂

  38. All done!! I did this from work and took some off my week edge off!! thanks guys 🙂

    Diana Gomez | 02.03.2017 | Reply
  39. Melissa Storms | 02.03.2017 | Reply
  40. Taylor Overton | 02.03.2017 | Reply
  41. Tina | 02.04.2017 | Reply
  42. Link to my board 🙂 cheers to everything comfy and cozy

    Zoe Maniscalco | 02.05.2017 | Reply
  43. Zoe Maniscalco | 02.05.2017 | Reply
  44. Amanda Apa | 02.05.2017 | Reply
  45. Jordan Hofmeister | 02.05.2017 | Reply
  46. Tracy Christine Funke | 02.05.2017 | Reply
  47. Lily Egan | 02.05.2017 | Reply
  48. http://pin.it/7NZ_4zi
    I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest…

    Mary | 02.05.2017 | Reply
  49. Here’s my board 🙂


    Leslie | 02.06.2017 | Reply
  50. I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest… http://pin.it/Uw2HcI_

    Yaneeke | 02.06.2017 | Reply
  51. A dreamy list of my favs!

    Emma | 02.07.2017 | Reply
  52. Sarah Teegarden | 02.07.2017 | Reply
  53. so much fun with this! fingers crossed I love Camille Styles!

    Melanie Hernquist | 02.07.2017 | Reply
  54. https://www.pinterest.com/vadeboncoeurm/breakfast-in-bed-tcm-x-camille-styles-v-day-contes/

    such a great contest.. and truly inspiring. Love you guys xoxo

    Madeleine Vadeboncoeur | 02.07.2017 | Reply
  55. Happy Valentines! I hope you enjoy my board full of ideas for my idea Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed. Thanks for the inspiration Camille Styles!

    Samantha Jones | 02.08.2017 | Reply
  56. Debbie | 02.08.2017 | Reply
    • Hi Debbie – Congratulations! You’ve been selected as the winner of our giveaway! Keep an eye out for an email with more details!

      Alyssa Mandel | 02.15.2017 | Reply
  57. Great excuse to get lost on Pinterest. I’m inspired to create a beautiful Valentines.

    Therese | 02.08.2017 | Reply
  58. Had so much fun making this board. Thank you for the opportunity <3


    Lauren | 02.09.2017 | Reply
  59. Thank you for a unique opportunity that allowed us all to spread & show love from our boards.

    Colleen, aka CAP | 02.09.2017 | Reply
  60. This was so much fun, I love the idea of a fun Valentine’s Board and looking at everyone else’s!

    Kelly | 02.09.2017 | Reply
  61. This was so fun! Totally awesome ideas for my galentines day brunch!

    Bailey | 02.10.2017 | Reply
  62. Jamie Hair | 02.11.2017 | Reply
  63. Stephanie | 02.11.2017 | Reply
  64. Karlie | 02.13.2017 | Reply
  65. Loved putting this together! Thanks Chalkboard and Camille for inspiring a little extra Valentine’s creativity this year. Fingers crossed!! https://www.pinterest.com/donnalouise01/breakfast-in-bed-tcm-x-camille-styles-v-day-contes/

    Donna | 02.13.2017 | Reply
  66. Danielle Winkle | 02.13.2017 | Reply
  67. Totally enjoyed putting this board together! Thank you, thank you for sparking my creativity this year for Valentine’s Day AND for introducing me to some of these wonderful brands 🙂


    Jennifer | 02.13.2017 | Reply
  68. Thanks for doing this – was a pleasure to assemble this board and figure out what would be a delightful way to spend the day tomorrow! Good luck to all!

    Cassandra Metzger | 02.13.2017 | Reply
  69. I had so much fun making this board! Camille is one of my fave bloggers & this contest is such a great idea – good luck everyone!

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