We love the idea of getting a sweat in first thing in the morning. Also, we love the idea of staying in bed and hitting snooze.

On the self-care spectrum, there is room in life for both kinds of mornings, but when a little morning workout motivation is required, Tone It Up’s Karena and Katrina know what they’re talking about. Pick up their booty blasting circuit here and give it a go tomorrow morning with this morning workout motivation toolkit..

We’re all about that morning workout. We even have a name for it: your morning Booty Call! Getting your sweat sesh in first thing helps energize you and boosts your metabolism all day long. Plus, it frees you up for after work happy hour with girlfriends! If you’re not exactly a morning person, we have a few morning workout motivation tips that have kept us from hitting the snooze button…

Preparation is key. Taking the time to prep the night before saves you a few precious minutes in the morning. We always lay out our workout clothes and any gear we need for the next day. We even put out our yoga mats, dumbbells, and resistance bands. All you have to do is hop out of bed and get your toning on!

Use social media as your motivator. If you’re not really feeling it in the morning, try scrolling through Instagram for a boost of inspo. We love taking a peek at the #TIUteam hashtag to see other women around the world kicking booty with their workouts. That’s the perfect morning workout motivation to lace up our sneakers and get to it!

Caffeine is queen.We’re obsessed with our morning coffee. We’re also in love with the fact that caffeine can boost your performance and mood, too! To make grabbing our daily cup of joe a cinch, we stock our fridge with cold brew coffee for the week. Then we just add a splash of unsweetened almond milk in the morning and start sippin’. If you prefer hot java, you can also set your coffee maker to start brewing a few minutes before you wake up. That way you’re greeted to the scent of freshly made coffee as soon as your alarm goes off!

And if you happen to hit that snooze button… We have just the workout for you! Even a 15 minute workout will raise your heart rate and boost your metabolism. Try our Snooze Button Workout, Sandy Sweat HIIT, or Sunshine Sculpt. Each of these are 15 minutes or less and work your entire body so you still get the benefits of your morning toning sesh.

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