Mini-Workouts: Keeping Fit Outside The Gym

Not everyone has an hour to hit the gym or make a workout class, so here are some fun ways (okay, maybe not “fun” per se, but you get my drift) to keep fit throughout your workday without having to step into a gym or put exercise clothes on. Remember: whatever you do adds up – so stop cutting corners and make your day active!

1.  Do squats while you brush your teeth. It’s quick, easy and you don’t have to move a step or use your hands to do this!

2.  Squeeze your belly. In the car, while driving, watching television or at the computer, pull your belly button as far into your back as you can (pretend someone is trying to grab your stomach). Hold for 10 seconds and release tension. Repeat 5 times and rest. Do 3-5 repetitions for a killer abdominal workout!

3.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you’re only one floor up, take the stairs a few times before entering your destination.

4.  Table counter or desktop leg lifts. Hold onto a table or desk ledge and slowly lift one leg out to your right side. Lower the leg down toward the floor and then lift it back up (the leg is straight as if it’s being pulled by a string attached to your toes). Repeat for 15-20 repetitions before switching to the other leg.

5.  Do lunges in the bathroom. Make sure no one else is in the stalls if it’s public!

6.  Be a ballet dancer. While cooking, cleaning, standing in line or talking on the phone, pretend you are a ballet dancer and come up on your tippy toes. Hold for as long as you can, or at least 30 seconds. Lower your heels and repeat for 5 repetitions.

7.  Park in the furthest parking spot. Not only will it be easier to find parking in the back of the lot, but you also have to walk further to get back and forth.

8.  Grab a cup of tea. Green tea has proven to boost metabolisms and energy levels. Rehydrate your body and burn calories? Yes please!

9.   Lift your butt during commercials. Move your booty from the couch to the floor and hold a bridge for 30-60 seconds, then follow with small pelvic lifts (pulsing the hips up and down while in bridge position) until the commercial break is over.


10.  Run after your kids or dogs. Take either one (or both!) to the park and run around with them or play a game!

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