As the founder and CEO of mindbodygreen, our June Guest Editor, Jason Wachob, is no stranger to the necessity of healthy eating. Jason also knows that hungry guys aren’t easily satisfied by a bowl of leaves – but that doesn’t mean sustenance has to take the form of daily steaks and burgers.

For those rabbit-food resistors (men and women alike!), healthy eating boils down to small but meaningful efforts rather than all-or-nothing extremes. Finding fruits and veggies to love is important, but for Jason, this also means stocking his desk with nutrient-dense snacks instead of sugar-laden bars and teaming up with his wife so healthy eating becomes a fun shared experience.

Jason is walking us through a full day of his healthy eating habits, including his top picks for healthy NYC restaurants. Bookmark this for your boyfriend, email it to your husband or just gather up a few good ideas and cook up a more subtle intervention. If you’re still hungry for more inspo, dive into Jason’s new book Wellth for grounded living ideas galore!

Morning health hack:

I wake up every morning and repeat the words “thank you” over and over silently. I’m a huge believer in having a gratitude practice.

Coffee health hack:

I almost always go black with coffee. And every once in awhile, I’ll go a bit crazy and do it bulletproof style with grass-fed butter and MCT or coconut oil.

To stay hydrated I…

Our office invested in a Vero Water filtration system, so I consume delicious sparkling water in a glass bottle all day long.

Fave lunch in:

Unfortunately this never happens!

Fave lunch out:

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Westville and Bluestone Lane in DUMBO. Westville has four locations in the city and has the market plate where you choose four veggies. Bluestone Lane is part of the Aussie healthy cafe invasion happening in NYC and they have an amazing spinach and egg bowl and ridiculous gluten-free banana bread. When I need to meet people for lunch in Manhattan, I go to Two Hands in Tribeca and order the brassicas bowl.

Top 3 in office snack stash:

Organic salted cashews; Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups when I want a treat; Earth Balance Vegan Popcorn.

Fast food hack:

Chipotle burrito bowl with black beans, no rice, and extra guac.

5 foods most men should be eating regularly:

Avocados – who doesn’t like guacamole?!
Dark greens – find one that you like! For me, it’s kale and brussels sprouts!
Sauerkraut – such a great natural probiotic.
Berries – I love blackberries and raspberries.
Wild salmon – great source of omega 3s!

Dinner is…

A team effort! Colleen and I try to switch up who cooks and we tend to eat out a lot in our neighborhood. We go to Gran Electrica in DUMBO for delicious ramp quesadillas at least once a week!

5 things always in your fridge/pantry:

Califia almond milk; kale; Synergy kombucha; free-range eggs; frozen blackberries or raspberries for my morning shakes.

His/Hers – tips on eating as a couple:

I think it’s easier to eat healthy as a couple. When we go out, Colleen and I often split a main and then order a ton of veggie sides. If it’s a more casual restaurant, we often order a large salad and then add a protein like wild salmon to it.

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