Pressed Juicery’s very first book, JUICE, has finally hit shelves worldwide – and we couldn’t be more excited to whip up each and every beautiful concoction in its pages! For both our Pressed-obsessed posse and juice lovers everywhere alike, this book is the accessible, gorgeous juicing guide we’ve all been waiting for. To celebrate in true Chalkboard fashion, we’re getting back to our roots by asking Pressed Juicery co-founder Hayden Slater to shed a little light on the influences who have helped shape his entrepreneurial dream into a delicious reality…

With our new book JUICE hitting bookshelves around the world this week, I’m aware more than ever of those who have influenced me to this point in Pressed Juicery’s journey.  Juice changed my life.  When you start your day with a juice you just feel better and therefore your day is better.  This product really was the catalyst for me to start living a healthier and happier life.  My goal has always been to provide fresh juice to as many people as possible, both through with our (soon to be) 31 Pressed Juicery locations and through our nation-wide private deliveries. Now with JUICE, we’re hoping to inspire home juicers around the world as well. That was the dream from the start, for myself and my co-founders, this passion project, JUICE, brings the past three years of the juicing journey full-circle and I spend many moments between meetings and store visits thinking of those who inspired me to build Pressed Juicery in the first place.

As with most things in life, starting a new business and writing your first book depend so much on those who’ve influenced you along the way. The right mentors, role models and partners mean everything. I am beyond fortunate to be surrounded by individuals who inspire me daily, from the wellness-crusader juicers who frequent our stores, to those who inspired me in beginning this journey in the first place. There have been countless individuals without whom this journey with juice would not be possible, but here are six who have made all the difference to me…

Kris Carr
Kris Carr was my yoga teacher at NYU. She really opened my eyes to juicing, yoga, macrobiotic food, chanting, etc., and showed me not only how powerful juice actually is, but how truly strong one’s power of the mind is. If you’ve never seen her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, I highly recommend watching it and learning more about Kris’s incredible journey and approach to wellness (and life in general). She is truly the definition of the word survivor.

Marianne Williamson
Marianne has taught me that you can come at things from love or from fear. However, fear is just an illusion. Most people think they are afraid to die – but in truth, people are afraid to truly live. She taught me to live in the present and make the choice to be happy because that’s what happiness is: a choice. I attend her Monday lecture as often as possible and never leave without getting something that I needed to hear in that moment.

Justin Camilo
Justin is the person who really taught me how good a green juice can taste, and someone who believed in me from the first time we spoke. It is so important to surround yourself with positive support and energy – at all times, of course, but especially when starting up a business. There will be many obstacles in your way, and way more naysayers and skeptics than you ever thought existed. I feel blessed to have had Justin’s support from day one, and his talent inspires me to keep thinking outside the box… because anything is possible.

Jet Li
Jet Li is a Reiki master with whom I studied in Thailand while I embarked on my first 30-day cleanse. He not only helped me to feel my best emotionally and physically, but also taught me that life is way too short to not being doing what I love and what I am passionate about every single day of my life.

Carly De Castro and Hedi Gores
Anyone who tells you not to mix work and friendship has never worked with friends like Carly and Hedi. I am so lucky to have them as two of my closest friends and my business partners. They really gave me the confidence to leave what I was doing and take a risk to start something I felt so passionate about. Having them by my side offering their strengths throughout is what really allowed me to jump in and focus and give 100% of myself to Pressed Juicery. And the entire Pressed Juicery team – they are the true foundation of this company.  Without each and every single one of them, none of this would be possible.

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