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If We HAD to name just one simple solution you could start implementing today in order to improve your entire well-being, we’d tell you to start popping a daily multivitamin. Complete with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, a multivitamin can help fill in the gaps where diet falls short. While the goal will always be to eat organic whole vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy fats and proteins as much as often as possible, most of us cannot consume enough of the good stuff to get what we need to maintain optimal health. Those needs only increase when certain lifestyle factors begin to drain on our nutrient reserves: stress, pharmaceutical medications, alcohol, junk foods, the list goes on.

Some say that multivitamins do not improve health (and may even lead to health complications) but from the point of view of a few University of Harvard papers, these studies are severely flawed. All the evidence seems to point to the health benefits of a daily multivitamin over the potential risks. We’re big believers in taking multivitamins daily – if, and this is a big if, the supplement is made of whole foods. Many synthetic vitamins and minerals are made from petroleum, and are not easily absorbed by the body. In addition, an overabundance of certain synthetic vitamins, to levels of toxicity, can hurt the body, not help it. That’s why, like all things we put in our body, the source and quality matters. We know how important this one simple tip is, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sort through all of the junk and pick out the best of the best: multivitamins that are made only with freshly ground herbs and foods. Here are three of our favorites, at every price point…

High: Vitamins for Her and Vitamins for Him by Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior Vitamins are all natural, completely plant-based and raw. Each capsule comes straight from the natural foods we’re missing, packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes and antioxidants. They are designed not only provide the foundational vitamins and minerals, but also with herbs that support longevity and anti-aging. With two formulas, one for her and one for him, your unique needs will be met. The best part is that they contain nutrient powerhouses such as turmeric, cordyceps and maca. These superfoods can help to lower inflammation, balance hormones and increase energy and sex drive.

Midpoint: Vitamineral Green by Healthforce

A therapeutic greens formula, Healthforce’s Vitamineral Green was created to support every organ and gland, as well as the immune system and blood sugar levels. It contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and antioxidants. Unlike other products, it also contains chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, probiotics and a plethora of other synergistically bound, organic nutrients. Vitamineral Green is one of our favorites because it contains the cleansing herbs nettles, dandelion, and moringa, and the mineral-rich seaweeds – kelp, dulse and bladderwrack. These herbs and seaweeds help cleanse the kidneys and liver, while also supplying naturally occurring iodine, which is needed for healthy thyroid functioning.

Low: Daily One by Premier Research Labs

Daily One is the best multivitamin that comes from a professional product line. It contains all nutrients essential for life, and contains them in therapeutic amounts. In addition‚ it contains chlorophyll and phytonutrient complexes that support the natural detoxification process of the body. Every nutrient is delivered in its most biologically available form‚ meaning that you can absorb the capsules – and start experiencing their benefits – more quickly. This is the ideal daily multi for those that are looking for a simple addition to their daily routine. Daily One is 100% free of toxic binders, excipients and glues, and comes in vegetable capsules.

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