Meet Our December Guest Editor: Erin Heatherton

We're ready for a month of celebration with Guest Editor, model Erin Heatherton! We're still a few weeks away from resolutions - join us and Erin as we celebrate the season and all 2015 has brought our way...

Is Erin Heatherton our first six foot tall Guest Editor? We’re not one hundred percent sure, but she’s sure one of the easiest to spot in a crowd. This all-American beauty is actually our third model to serve as a monthly Guest Editor this year! What can we say? These genetically blessed gals have made a career out of staying well in every way and we love what we’re learning from them. While we embrace the idea that every woman should aim to look and feel like her best self (and no one else!) Elle, Lily, and now, Erin have all shared truly inspiring insights with us – from self-care to great nutrition – that we think help each of us head in that “best self” direction. Not many of us have the kind of pressure attached to our physical appearance as these ladies do, and each of them have handled that unique challenge with grace and a commitment to true health.

We’re spending the holidays with sweet, smart and charming Erin who knows a thing or two about how to hit the gym in the most effective way possible and how to find the perfect gift (Um, perfume-laden earrings? Genius!) This girl is a hard-core Chalkboarder – from the infrared sauna in her home to the way she accepts herself no hold’s barred. We love Erin’s attitude toward life. Here she is with a note on this month full of celebration. Join us all month long as we embrace the season! 

Lovely readers of The Chalkboard,

I feel like I practically know you guys. As a loyal fan, I am so excited to be the guest editor of The Chalkboard Mag this month. To my fellow Chalkboard lovers reading this, happy holidays (finally!) To all of you who creatively enrich yourselves, sprinkle your lives with positive vibes, seek out healthy ideas from inspiring people, and get excited about everything from nutrition to travel – and lets not forget gifts – this is a magical time of year. It is a special time of reflection, family, friends, and, hopefully, celebration. Seeing as you are my friends and it is the holiday season, I will keep it brief!

The year is coming to a close. Naturally, as peer pressure would have it, many of us are frantically planning how, when, and where we can cozy up with the ones we love. You may find yourself braving the cold (hopefully, safely in the company of a giant hot chocolate) in a place that feels like home, or someplace you would normally only find in your daydreams – a perfect beach perhaps? Wherever you may find yourself, before you run off, I have one piece of advice. Being that it is the end of the year, and all, December is a time to reflect. A time to honor all of the beautiful blessings that lay behind and ahead of us. If you are going to be counting anything this holiday, let me suggest blessings. I hope to share with you the feelings which I treasure above all others: self-acceptance and joy. No matter what you did or did not accomplish this year, I can assure you that there is not much else to put higher on your priority list. I think you can agree that we can ALWAYS be better, and if you stay committed this year, I have no doubt The Chalkboard will help guide you there.

As far as I am concerned, I feel that we are all perfect this month. Why? Because I am the Guest Editor, and well, frankly, I say so. If you are looking to stay on top of your game this holiday season, I feel you. Consider all of my most secret and effective tips and tricks yours. However, please feel free to leave the planning and execution of next year’s dreams to the January Guest Editor. Don’t go crazy and self-destructive on me – but, hey, you worked hard this year. Pat yourself on the back. Now time for some fun.

All my love,


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