Lorna Jane Clarkson is the Lorna behind multi-award-winning Australian activewear brand, Lorna Jane. She’s celebrated across the globe as an icon of fit fashion design and lives that fit-living philosophy in a way that always impresses us.

When we decided that our theme this month would be making wellness habits fun, we knew we had to have a Guest Editor like Lorna. This fierce female’s approach to living well is next level. She embodies the tireless, positive attitude that every Aussie girl we meet seems to have down pat – and every time we feature Lorna’s body-positive advice here on TCM we’re left genuinely inspired to take our healthy habits to the next level.

This month, we’re talking with Lorna about a little bit of everything. First, how does a woman who owns an internationally growing company like hers continue to make fitness and living well a priority. These are Lorna’s insanely useful tips for making it all fit inside that twenty-four hour cycle…

What can I do in 5-10 mins to at least get my energy going?

With only 10 minutes, my choice would be a series of yogic sun salutations to get my blood pumping, stretch out any tight areas and increase my energy level.

Fave quick workout in the gym:

Weights workout with hill sprints between each exercise – what a workout!! Do it with a friend and you sprint for the same amount of time it takes them to complete each weight rep.

Quickest way to boost my regular gym routine:

Do it with a friend (whenever I work out with my team, or even my husband, I get a little more competitive and work harder).

Quickest muscle recovery trick:

Magnesium – I take it everyday!

Not in a workout routine. What’s the quickest way to get hooked?

Start now! And keep trying new things until you find a way to move that you’ll love.

Fave quick workout out at home:

Kayla Istines 20 minute workout.

Can you share 3 of your fave “fast foods”?

Green smoothie – throw everything in the blender and it’s ready in 30 seconds! Dates filled with nut butter. Chobani yogurt with almonds and blueberries mixed throughout.

Quick trick for going gym to street:

Great sports bra, tights paired with a top and jacket, and shoes during the day. Then a simple change of top and shoes gets you gym-ready in less than 10 minutes.

What gets you motivated the fastest:

Spending time with other women who are fit and healthy.

Are you a fitness-in-your-car kind of gal?

My “stuck in traffic” moves would be less about being active and more about clearing my head and doing some yogic breathing – the perfect way to wash the work day away and start to relax and unwind.

Workout move with the quickest payoff:

There are no “quick fixes.” Just do something active every day even if it’s just walking the dog or playing with your kids outside. Being active is a way of life and you need to practice it every day.

Quickest way to upgrade your nutrition everyday:

Add a green smoothie or green juice as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.

Quickest way to order a healthier dish off any menu:

Protein and vegetables or salad with dressing on the side.

How do you fit in a workout at the end of the day?

I like to workout according to how I feel, so I have designed three workouts, which can be found in my Inspired book, for calming, strength and energy. They take between 20 to 40 minutes and are the perfect “do anywhere” workouts.

3 healthy swaps that will change your life fast:

Drink more water for increased energy, better digestion and clearer skin. Choose positive thinking over negative thinking. Wear activewear every day to be more active.

Can you share a recipe for “fast food” from the cookbook?

Here’s my salted caramel protein shake…

Salted Caramel Protein Shake


2 cups almond milk
1 ½ medium bananas
2 Tbsp cashew spread (or small handful of raw cashews)
1 scoop natural whey or pea protein powder (optional)
4 pitted medjool dates
2 tsp honey
½ tsp Himalayan rock salt
2 cups ice
2 Tbsp honey, extra
2 Tbsp crushed ice, extra
1 Tbsp cacao nibs


Combine all ingredients except extra honey and extra ice in a blender. Drizzle extra honey around each glass. Add smoothie, top with extra ice and cacao ribs to serve.

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