Mates + Baes: American Girls vs. Aussie Girls According To Lorna Jane

We’re obsessed with all thing Aussie these days and wanted to ask our Guest, the Lorna Jane Clarkson of cult fitnesswear brand, Lorna Jane to call out to all the differences between the two halves of the hemisphere!

Whether you’re hanging with your baes in leggings on this continent or your mates in tights on the other, gals across the globe seem to be after roughly the same things according to Lorna…


in AU: “Heaps good!”

in US:“I can’t even.”

What girls call their girlfriends…

in AU: Mate, Girl

in US: Bae, Babe

Healthy breakie…

in AU: Acai bowl.

in US: Egg white omelette.

Gym uniform…

in AU: Lorna Jane.

in US: Nike.

trends you love…

in AU: Wearing activewear everywhere.

in US:  Wearing activewear everywhere.

Fave workout…

in AU: Kayla Itsines.

in US: Tone It Up.

Fave studios…

in AU: Lorna Jane Active Living Rooms.

in US: Equinox.

Most popular LJ item…

in AU: The Amy tights.

in US: The Amy tights (or leggings!)

Go-to weekend away…

in AU: Byron Bay.

in US: Tulum, Mexico.

Guilty pleasure…

in AU: Taking time for yourself.

in US: Taking time for yourself.

Aussie gals teach us girls… That life is not a competition – be yourself!

us girls teach aussie gals… Body confidence in every size.

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