Make It By Monday: Coachella-Ready Denim Shorts

With the first weekend of Coachella beginning today, what is a more appropriate weekend DIY than a patched-up pair of jean shorts? Whether you’d like to stitch up your favorite pair in time for the festival’s second weekend or just prep these denim duds to sport all summer, we’re loving these recycling-friendly and fun instructions from Free People’s Bldg 25.

  • You'll need...

    Cut-off denim shorts. Don't have any? Get to snipping up an old pair of jeans and let the fraying begin! (Remember to start the leg cut lower than you think you should and to try on before committing to the final length.)

    A piece of leftover fabric. Anything goes: from floral to stripes, pick something you love!

    White thread

    Sewing needle

    Safety pins

  • How to...

    Place your piece of fabric beneath a hole in the shorts.

    *No holes? As with the jeans, get to snipping! Cut a small hole and tear to your liking. It's best to wash the shorts after this before completing the project.

    Use the safety pin to hold the fabric in place.

    Now thread your needle and stitch the fabric to the denim. For Bldg 25's cool-looking stitches, see the rest of the tutorial and prepare to rock those shorts!

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