Marshmallows are having a moment. With less calories than a cupcake, these square little fruit-sweetened and essential oil-flavored marshmallows from British duo, the Marshmallowists, are taking London by storm! Limiting your sugar intake is important, which is why those few indulgences have to really count – and these little wonders certainly do the job!  Smart and Simms, a chocolatier and drink-specialist respectively, met over Sally Cinnamons (see below) and soon opened their sweet-as-can-be pop-up shop on West London’s Portobello Road to great fanfare.  Already commissioned by major brands for custom mallow flavors, we asked the pair to share a few details about these square obsessions and give us the inside scoop on the sweet life of a marshmallowist inside one of our favorite international neighborhoods!

tell us about the flavors of mallow offered in the shop: There are eight flavors: Blackcurrant & Mint, Raspberry & Champagne, Strawberry & Basil, Passion Fruit & Ginger, Mango & Sweet Orange, Pear & Elderflower and Coconut. We also take customer commissions for bespoke flavors which has been very interesting.

What to do with a marshmallow: Melt it and pour over ice cream, bung in your hot chocolate, most importantly, savour it!

What not to do with a marshmallow: Buy the traditional type – B.O.R.I.N.G! We promise you will never go back once you’ve had a lovingly made mallow.

Fave flavor/best seller: It’s really interesting actually, as it can depend on the weather and what mood everyone is in! Raspberry & Champagne and Passion Fruit & Ginger always seem to ignite customers’ tastebuds as they’re unusual, imaginative flavours.

If it’s not a marshmallow, we’re eating… Smelly gooey cheeses & salami with copious amounts of red wine!

Favorite use of a marshmallow: We were recently commissioned by Lancôme to recreate the colors of their new eye palette to celebrate the launch of the Hypnôse range. The colors were all berry hues so we created a Marshmallowists palette of Blackcurrant & Mint, Blueberry & Gin and Fig & Blackcurrant with resounding results!

What is a Sally Cinnamon?  We describe it as catnip for girls, especially in winter. It’s an amazing cocktail made with quality vodka, cinnamon & gingerbread syrup plus fresh apple juice. We have it MKII style (egg white shaken in). A massive apple fan garnish means it ticks the snack & booze boxes as well as having the fun foam topping.

Find more about Smart & Simms, the Marshmallowists, at their site here. Lucky London readers have full access, while those of us in the US will have to soothe ourselves with Almond Milk and join the waiting list.

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