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Low To Luxe: 7 Best Fitness Trackers At Every Price Point
High: Basis B1

The Basis B1 takes fitness trackers to a whole new level. It prides itself on containing the most advanced sensors out there, tracking movement, heart rate patterns, calories burned based on activity, how much you sweat, all your sleep stages (including REM), even skin temperature! Not just that, but the iOS/Android-compatible Basis not only provides you with the information, but gives you personalized suggestions based on that information to help make you the healthiest you can be. It also allows you to set goals, and congratulates you when you reach them. We think we found our new BFF.



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We’re officially approaching the halfway mark of the year, and we’re curious – how are those New Years Resolutions coming along? Maybe you’ve stuck with your original plans of action, maybe you’ve veered off-track, maybe your goals, as we hit Month Six of 2014, look completely different than they did in January. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, we truly believe that ramping up your resolutions doesn’t need to break the bank. And on the flipside…sometimes a little luxury goes a long way when it comes to motivation! Here are seven of the best fitness trackers to take your goals to a whole new level, at every price point. Which is your fave?

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