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Low To Luxe: 7 Best Fitness Trackers At Every Price Point
Low: Striiv Play Smart Pedometer

Designed for Apple products, including the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, this pedometer tracks your steps, distance, minutes of activity, and calories automatically, even when your device isn't on you. It's bite-sized, clocking in at a wee 1.95" tall, meaning it easily clip onto your belt or waistband with no-fuss.



best fitness trackers guide

We’re officially approaching the halfway mark of the year, and we’re curious – how are those New Years Resolutions coming along? Maybe you’ve stuck with your original plans of action, maybe you’ve veered off-track, maybe your goals, as we hit Month Six of 2014, look completely different than they did in January. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, we truly believe that ramping up your resolutions doesn’t need to break the bank. And on the flipside…sometimes a little luxury goes a long way when it comes to motivation! Here are seven of the best fitness trackers to take your goals to a whole new level, at every price point. Which is your fave?

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  1. I love these devices. They not only are amazing tech, but they look great. That said, I can’t wait for a tracking device that you can slap on like a bandaid but will stick for, say, a month or two. Something you don’t even have to think about.

    Jeff | 07.25.2014 | Reply
  2. Thank you Katie for those wonderful tips on choosing a fitness tracker

    John E. | 01.03.2017 | Reply
  3. A fitness tracker device is a must have if you want to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. Combine it with a hutrition diary and you will see incredible results.

    Aristide | 11.12.2017 | Reply
  4. Un dispositif de suivi de forme physique est un must have si vous voulez perdre du poids et avoir un style de vie sain. Si vous avez utilisé le suivi de fitness, vous pouvez avoir une bonne idée du temps que vous passez. Combinez-le avec un journal nutritionnel et vous verrez des résultats incroyables. Vous n’avez pas à acheter le tracker fitness le plus cher, mais en acheter un qui correspond à vos besoins. Il y en a beaucoup que vous pouvez acheter en ligne ou dans un magasin près de chez vous.

    Café vert pour maigrir | 11.13.2017 | Reply
  5. A fitness tracker is a must have in our era. Each one of us needs as much help he/she can get, and the one given by technology, is a reliable one. By monitoring our exercise and weight loss efforts we get better and more efficient results. Especially when this effort is combined with a well built diet or with the use of diet supplements it is really essential to have everything calculated and programmed to the last detail. After all professionalism is mainly an attitude. An attitude that definitely leads to success.

    GeaorgeD86 | 12.11.2017 | Reply
  6. Activity trackers are a must have if you want to loss weight. They can help to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

    Katerina Papa | 02.13.2018 | Reply
  7. I agree that activity trackers are indispensable in our modern life and have been supported by many apps in our smartphones to a level that everybody can have a clear view of his/her achievements, exercise habits and performance.

    MarcoMarin | 03.07.2018 | Reply
  8. Hey guys, I am so grateful for all this discussion as it led me to buy a fitness tracker and incorporate it to my everyday lifestyle. I was so satisfied that I ‘ve bought one for my dog too.

    D-bal | 07.04.2018 | Reply
  9. Long live fitness trackers! I ‘ve lost 5kilos during the last three months. If you ask me it is the only way to remain focused on a strict diet&fitness program (even if you opt for loose exercise like me who I dislike running and can tolerate only walking..)

    PaoloV | 07.18.2018 | Reply
  10. I believe that the fitness tracker is the most useful gadget ever invented. I am obsessed with mine guys. Counting and calculating gives some sense to my fitness effort and helps me form healthy habits.

    JackAndrews | 07.28.2018 | Reply

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