Lorna Jane Clarkson is the icon behind Australia’s activewear obsession, Lorna Jane. And she’s got the abs to prove it!

We’re slowly catching on over here in the States, thanks to Lorna’s killer functional styles and personal tips on wellness that have our firm attention (hello, toffee smoothie!) Get Lorna’s take on Aussies vs. American girls here and read through her gym to street tips below that have us jones’ing to hit the gym ASAP. We’re always looking for ways to streamline the process from the locker room out the door and, from the look of things, Lorna’s got the whole thing down pat. Take note of her favorite workout moves and her latest healthy obsession…

Lorna Jane’s “Gym Pretty” Tips:

Always working out in:

A good sports bra and supportive tights. My go-to picks would be the Lorna Jane Pammy bra for its unbelievable comfort and support, and the Lorna Jane Booty Support Tight for obvious reasons – booty support!

The girls with the best bodies I know, know…

Active living is a way of life, and move nourish believe is the daily practice that makes it achievable. If you make the commitment to move your body every day, nourish from the inside out and believe anything is possible, you will not only reach your potential in life, but you will look and feel amazing.

3 things always in my gym bag:

Shoes, gym towel, and Active Living Planner.

On my plate post-workout when going out:

Protein with a side of delicious vegetables or salad (dressing always on the side).

Trick for freshening up on the go:

Spritzing rosewater spray over my face and body because it’s so refreshingly hydrating and smells delicious.

My go-to trick to go from gym to dinner:

Dry shampoo, a great casual jacket to throw over my Activewear, and a great pair of flat shoes!

Fave for abs:

Reformer Pilates and a clean diet.

Fave for arms:

Nothing beats bicep curls in the gym and push-ups.

Fave for booty:

Goblet squats and weekly uphill hikes or stairs.

I’m in my best shape when…

I move, nourish and believe every day.

My secret weapon:

Inspiring tunes on repeat to get me through my workouts.

How I hydrate:

Water, all day, every day.

Latest healthy obsession:

Watercress – it’s the new kale! It’s higher in nutrients compared to other leafy vegetables and it tastes delicious.

Rolling or massage, fave post workout technique:

Rolling, every time! Not only does it help with recovery, it also improves performance and you can do it almost anywhere!

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