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Gorjana Reidel was taking a much-needed break from the bustle of life when we caught up with her. The founder of namesake jewelry brand, Gorjana, was spending quality time with her fam at a lake house up north. She described how the days were moving slowly by the lake which meant getting outdoors, cracking open a few books and spending plenty of present downtime with her two kids and husband slash co-founder.

With the launch of Gorjana’s new line featuring healing crystals, we were intrigued to find out more about the wellness-loving jeweler. Lovely and laid-back, Gorjana embodies the essence of her brand – modern, feminine, and relaxed.

From Jewelry to power Gems

“It’s so exciting that people are finally accepting crystals as healing tools, opening their minds and incorporating them into their daily routines,” Gorjana told us. “When I first started designing, I worked with gemstones but it was all based on color, not meaning. The very first piece of gemstone jewelry I made was for an ‘intuitive reader’. When I delivered the necklace to her, she gave me a gemstone book and said ‘I’m supposed to give this to you’. Eight years later, I came upon the book and had an ‘OMG moment’.”

“I’ve always loved gemstones for their beauty but I believe there’s other palpable energy there. I took a leap of faith that other women out there feel this way too. I hope our Power Gemstone line can help you manifest what you want and bring a little more magic out of you.”

Gorjana’s delicate gold pieces are made for effortless stacking and layering. Check out the brand’s traditional pieces as well as the new Power Gemstone line using our TCM Exclusive offer for $10 off any online order with Gorjana, just use the code CHALKBOARD10.

Enjoy our interview with Gorjana below and scroll all the way down to enter our incredible sweepstakes with plenty of jewelry, crystals and other wellness essentials!

Mornings with with Gorjana Reidel

Daily Breakfast:

I do Sakara Life half of the time, and I absolutely love their breakfast. They have this chocolate banana bread thing that is amazing! Otherwise, if I’m cooking for myself, I’ll do egg whites and some toast. I usually have a vanilla almond milk latte in the morning as well. If I’m making it at home, I use Califia Farms coconut creamer and add it to my Nespresso.

Dream Breakfast:

The blueberry pancakes at Cinton Street Baking Co. in New York are actually the best pancakes ever!

Food Philosophy in one sentence:

I love food, I’m a huge foodie. I love high-quality ingredients and I love trying new things. I’m an emotional eater too. All of this is to say that I just really truly love food, so my food philosophy is: love the food you’re eating!

I also take Ritual multi-vitamins daily and recently started taking Dr. Barbra Sturm’s Skin Food supplement.

The Jewelry I'm Loving Lately:

I layer a bunch of Gorjana Power Gemstones on my wrist. We did these custom gemstones which I have a little early so I’ve been wearing those. We have these little opalite stud earrings that are great because I can just put them on and not take them out and they go with everything. For necklaces, we just came out with a cane mini charm necklace with a little turquoise, and I wear that the most lately — I’ll layer it with different things depending on my mood.

Fave Thing to Cook For Friends:

I’m Serbian, and I lived there until I was 7, so I love making the food I grew up eating for friends who have never had it. I love making grape leaves and tzatziki and roasted potatoes.

3 Staples Always in My Kitchen:

We always have fresh fruit (like apples or peaches or berries), chips and salsa, and coconut oil (it’s my ultimate multi-purpose ingredient, I put it in my hair and use it to make pancakes for the kids etc.)

Favorite Crystal Lately:

I wear labradorite the most. It represents balance, so I use it to remind myself to come back to balance. I’m so busy all the time, I feel like I’m always failing at something no matter what. The crystal is a self-reminder to me to stay grounded and to know that I will be fine.

I cleanse them under moonlight (when I remember to actually do it). Sometimes I’ll take my crystals into the sound bath dome with me. Last time, the box I brought was ridiculously heavy so I might have to find a new solution. I also go to Sedona once a year and they have these energy vortexes that I use to charge up my crystals.

I also keep selenite and crystal quartz all around my house. Both are great for energy-clearing. We keep amethyst in our bedroom which is great for tranquility and getting a good night sleep.

Once A Week For My Health I...

go to Soul Cycle and Pilates. I also get a vitamin B shot weekly.

Strangest Wellness Habit:

I love sound baths. I’ve had private sessions where I’ve been told I really resonate with sound; I love music, and the way sound baths balance your energy is super effective for me. My favorite spot for it is the Integratron in Landers, California (right by Joshua Tree). It’s this big dome built by a physicist and it has crazy-good sound projection. You can literally whisper on one side of the room and someone on the other side can hear it! After a sound bath there, I come out feeling like I’ve been in savasana for a year.

Go-to Juice or Smoothie:

I love taking turmeric shots and I try to do it daily. Also, the pineapple apple lemon mint juice from Pressed Juicery (citrus 3) is one of my favorite juices ever!

Fave Way to Relax:

I love candles. I always switch it up, but my usual go-to is Le Labo Santal 26. I’m reading Body Love by Kelly LeVeque — it’s my vacation read. We’re currently on a family vacation at my husband’s grandparents’ lake house up in Canada. There isn’t much to do around the lake other than relax, so I have plenty of time to read it.

Best tips for layering jewelry:

If you can feel the weight you probably have too much on, otherwise you are safe to play with it! I recommend playing with length and creating different looks. My go-to number to wear about three. Lately, I’m loving shorter necklaces for summer. The most important thing with layering in to have fun with it and let it be a form of self-expression.

My current uniform:

Xirena summer dresses and Ulla Johnson dresses. Basically, my uniform is a summer dress and either tennis shoes or slides.

Wine or Cocktails?

I’m a margarita kind of girl. I don’t like a lot of alcohol, but I do love tequila, so when I drink it’s usually a marg.

Best piece of health advice:

Don’t be too hard on yourself. I spend so many days being stressed out for eating this and this, not getting a workout in… but ultimately it all balances out. Do what you can, when you can, and stay positive!

My current mantra:

Be easy on yourself, it’s okay.

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