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the fall shop this year is all about accessible wellness. In fact, almost everything in our ‘guide to living well on a budget’ thus far (we’re adding to it throughout the season!) is under $30.

the best stuff is free – or close to it. 

The truth is, we could have filled The Shop with sweet potatoes, pink salt and a bag of frozen spinach and called it a day. But we knew you might be looking for more than that.

There are countless ways to live well on a budget, but most of our favorites have little to do with commercial products. When is the last time you batted away a pop-up ad for $2-a-pound broccoli? In this month’s fall print mags, do you expect to see more full page ads for breakthrough creams or for $3 jars of apple cider vinegar? Most of our affordable go-to’s don’t come wrapped in beautiful packaging or offered up on a studio schedule. Instead they’re found in farmer’s market stalls or as part of an independent routine we’ve developed over time.

on wellness as a trend.

That said, there’s a time and a place for $250 face oils and $10 lattes. The buzziest elements of wellness these days, many of which we helped to popularize, are the flashy, fashion-adjacent products and services that so many of us are obsessed with.

The fact is, we’re genuinely thrilled that green juices, old school modalities, organic beauty, and herbal potions have reached top trend status. I’ve often described The Chalkboard’s editorial aim over the years as “luring the fashion girl into wellness”. You can’t imagine how unfamiliar that sounded in 2012 when we got our start.

Trends have an impact on our economy and culture. Yes, even trends like kale chips and mushroom coffee. They bring awareness and, in the best cases, education. The swell in demand for trending wellness products and ingredients over the past few years has resulted in more access and more options over time than we ever imagined.

finding balance – and a good deal. 

Most of us consider those hand-pressed face oils and superfood-dusted lattes a splurge, never mind the high-design fitness studio subscriptions or $400 performance leggings. Where can a girl get a break when she wants to get a deal? And what about the many among us who are balancing career, education and/or a growing family with the financial pressures that come along with?

This shop curation is for those of you who need that bathroom vanity moment to be on point, but also need that rent check to be on time. It’s for the girl who is frustrated about not being able to afford those $20 smoothies every morning, but still craves the trending ingredients.

Think of this shop curation as a sample survey of some of the best deals out there. By no means comprehensive, we tried to pick a few key items from each category in wellness to prove that keeping a budget intact can in fact be done.

Looking for something in particular? Let us know in the comments. How do you feel about the intersection of wellness and luxury? What about wellness and the average grocery story or retailer? Let’s talk about it below…

Editor’s Top Five Shop Picks
Old Navy’s Colorblock Capris | Green Chocolate PB Protein Powder | French Press Pitcher | Strappy Bra Top |  $10 Green Powder

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