Open a jar of superfood green coconut butter in our office, and watch a flock converge with the excitement of Christmas morning. The superfoods from Sophie Jaffe’s Philosophie, has each of us relishing her health-inspired foodie brilliance. From a superberry manuka honey blend to a cacao reishi maca powder, Sophie is the Willy Wonka of superfoods.

With a background as a certified raw food nutritionist and chef, Sophie is developing a line of nutrient-packed foods that make being healthy painless. Each product in her line can be added seamlessly into any concoction you are making in the kitchen, whether a smoothie, tea, dessert or simple piece of toast. With each spoonful packing in more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than we could hope to get in a week’s time, the only thing more surprising is how good they taste. We took a moment to peep inside a day in the life of Sophie, in hopes that her culinary magic would rub off on us.

Living Well with Sophie Jaffe

My Daily Supplements:

Green juice, E3Live BrainON shot, prenatal vitamin (so much better than a regular vitamin!), DHA pill, fish oil, Raw Probiotic by Garden of Life.

Can't Live without my:

Green veggies juice with apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon and light apple.

Daily Breakfast:

Either a huge Philosophie superfoods smoothie, veggie scramble or oatmeal with Philosophie superfoods powder + coconut butter.

5 Things Always in my Medicine Cabinet:

A detox bath soak (handmade by my sister, sold on my website), earplugs (hubby snores), coconut oil, tea-tree-oil pads, witch hazel.

Fave Workout:

Always trying new things! Running outside, a sweaty powerful yoga class, hiking in nature, spinning to killer music, pilates with Pimp Your Mat (online program), going dancing, HITT, CrossFit… I love to switch it up and keep my body guessing! I feel pretty much the most awesome after taking an Equinox running class, though! Oh, the burn!

Once a Week for my Health I:

Hit up the Korean spa or get a Thai massage.

On Tap: Filtered or Bottled, How do you Drink Water?

We get alkaline water in a huge five-gallon jug and then I refill my bottles with that dank liquid magic.

Best Fast Food Option:

Trail mix, apple or banana, a balanced, nutrient-dense bar like Thunderbird brand or something I make ahead of time like the various bar or truffle recipes on my site.

Best Healthy Restaurant Tips:

Get all your sauces on the side, you need just a third of what they dollop on. Skip the rice and get double veggies instead. Share desserts and even entrees. Sometimes I’ll get two appetizers instead of one entree because they seem to be healthier and lighter. Look at the menu ahead of time to get an idea of what you want so when you get there, you can be present with your friends/company rather than obsessing over what to eat.

At Least Once a Week I Cook:

Sweet potato fries! Nommm!

If you Could Give Just One Piece of Health Advice it would Be:

Let loose, be wild once in awhile and break your own rules. That freedom will take you to places you never knew were possible.

Reading List:

The Goldfinch. Loved. Transported.

Crazy Health Idea that Actually Works:

Green juice… as a snack, not as a meal replacement! It’s not enough calories/protein/fiber as a meal replacement, but as a vitamin elixir/snack… it’s legit!  The vitamins are instantly absorbed into your blood stream because they don’t need to be broken down into a liquid or fiber removed, etc. It immediately gets rid of my headaches, plus I get a quick spike in balanced energy. It keeps my skin clear and cravings down. Fill it up with mostly green leafy veggies, a little pear or apple, parsley, ginger and turmeric!

My Food Philosophie in One Sentence:

Make every food a superfood (in moderation!).


Water. Good water. All day long, between meals. When I don’t drink enough, I feel off.

Simplest Way to Improve Health:

Drink more water! And move more. If you are conscious about moving more, you’d be surprised how many things you can sneak in! (walk more, squat while brushing teeth, don’t take elevator, lunges while on the phone, etc.!) It makes you FEEL better, gives you more energy and it boosts the metabolism!

Fave Health Getaway:

Ojai — so close by but feels like a faraway destination once I’m there. We hike a lot, do yoga, spend all day long in nature and eat beautiful farm-to-table foods. The air feels fresher and lighter, too. I feel an instant reset button when I’m there.

My Current Mantra:

Feeling that life is so short… really trying to soak up every day, especially with my sweet men. Do more things with love, let go faster, move on quickly. Be vulnerable.

My Health Passion:

Sharing and spreading my light with others. Empowering others to be their own light and share it with those in their life. Helping others to find their own truth/path when it comes to what works for them in their healthy lifestyle.

Health Trend to Skip:

SCALES!!!! Throw that shit out!

My go-to Smoothie:

Here’s my favorite recipe:

1 Cup dairy-free mylk (almond, flax, coconut or hemp mylk)
2 heaping Tbsp cacao magic superfood + protein powder
1 Tbsp green dream superfood + protein powder
1 Tbsp Green Dream or Cacao Magic coconut butter
1 Tbsp macadamia nut butter or crunchy almond butter
1/2 avocado
2 frozen bananas
3 dates, pitted
3 figs
1 cup leafy greens of choice (spinach is the most neutral in flavor)
large handful fresh mint (optional, if you don’t love mint, omit)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp peppermint extract (optional, if you don’t love peppermint with chocolate)
2 drops chocolate stevia

Combine all ingredients in high speed blender. Add cacao nibs, goji berries, superfood granola or fresh berries on top and dig in!

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