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Don’t let the Schindler Sling chairs distract you (it’s hard, we know)—Lifehood may look like just another design-forward health spa, but it’s actually a company with a social purpose. There’s so much lighting us up about Lifehood, here’s what you need to know…

Why We’re buzzing: First, let’s talk looks. Lifehood’s drool-worthy design is the work of AD100 designer Brigette Romanek, in collaboration with founder Amy Krofchick. We’ve been Brigette fans forever, starting with some of our fave Los Angeles foodie spots right up to the ultimate boss-babe power club, The Allbright. Lifehood’s 70’s Cali, eco-luxury fabulousness is everything we need.

Krofchick has been blazing the trail to democratize the high-end massage industry with her hugely successful chain, The NOW. Leaving that partnership for new ventures, Amy now takes the accessible-luxury concept one step further by integrating acts of kindness right into the business model. Founded on the principles of kindness, gratitude and paying it forward, Lifehood clients are able to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic touch (for the mind/ body) and start a ripple effect of kindness and healing (for the soul!).

lifehood spa

The space has four treatment rooms for table massages, offering 50 and 80-minute options, along with six chairs for 25-minute chair massages.

The space is also elevated by goods from our fave Los Angeles makers like RTH, Jiva Apoha and GjustaGoods.

The love it forward concept: Beyond just nurturing the body through massage, Lifehood nourishes the soul by creating an inclusive wellness movement through a unique sales model that supports a cultural shift toward kindness. With the first of its kind “Love it Forward” model, Lifehood clients are invited to purchase a discounted massage for someone they want to celebrate.

That gift is then delivered anonymously via email to the designated recipient by Lifehood, and only when they come in to redeem their treatment is the giver revealed—all through a personalized, handwritten message left for them.

Once the recipient has finished their treatment, they also have the option to “Love It Forward” and continue the cycle by gifting someone they want to celebrate. Lifehood customers will be able to see how far their cycle has gone through the Lifehood website.

lifehood spa

Science proves that those who practice giving and kindness are happier and healthier. Lifehood
makes you feel good by giving.

inside the treatments: Lifehood’s treatments are focused on healing the body through intentional bodywork and energy exchange. Amber Lee, Ojai-based healing arts practitioner known as Plant as Compass and Bryan Grijalva, a body-work expert favored by professional athletes designed Lifehood’s ritual-focused treatments that facilitate mindfulness, gratitude and kindness.

Lifehood offers several massage add-ons, including CBD gumdrops from cult-favorite, Lord Jones. During a 25-minute chair massage, clients can enjoy an immersive VR experience that features unique California locations through Lifehood’s custom VR curated by content creator Justin Bishop. There are also custom audio meditations available made in collaboration with leading meditation and yoga teacher, Kevin Courtney.

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