We are wild for Wildling, the female-founded skincare brand whose gua sha empress collection is now a de facto beauty staple. We’ve been sharing their no-tox facial gua sha secrets to plump lips and release “eleven lines”  and we can’t wait to share this step-by-step Empress Ritual. We like to think of this as the motherlode of all gua sha facial release techniques, so if you’re new to gua sha, you’re in luck…

The Ritual Gua Sha Facial

Practicing the facial gua sha ritual will clear, smooth, plump, tighten and rejuvenate skin while reducing under-eye circles and puffiness.

Stage 1 | Empress Tonic: Prepares the skin to absorb the oil, sweet fern, damask rose and Douglas fir plant waters which stimulate skin detoxification.

Stage 2 | Empress Oil: The Balm of Gilead and a resin nutrient complex nourishes skin and frees the flow by stimulating circulation.

Stage 3 | Empress Stone & Wand: Massage active ingredients into the skin more deeply than hands alone ever could, while rejuvenating, detoxing, lifting and toning.

How-To Gua Sha At Home

+ Apply Empress Tonic & Oil liberally to the face and neck and use the Empress Wand to release jaw tension and TMJ with the following moves:
+ Use the tip of the Empress Wand, pointing up to hook under the jaw bone, work from the chin out toward the ear lobe with medium-to-firm pressure.  
+ Use the tip of the wand to trace over the jawbone itself, moving from the center of the chin out to the tight muscles of the jaw. Go slowly to stimulate pressure points and release through this area.

+ Using the wand, work from the nostril to sculpt under the cheekbone out to the upper jaw.  
+ Massage in front of the ear down the jaw muscle.
+ Make small circles to release tight muscles or massages areas of soreness.
+ Take deep breaths and feel the relief.
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