Sophia Rossi

For the month of September, we are thrilled to welcome Sophia Rossi of Hello Giggles as our guest editor. Sophia is so inspiring to us—she has the most generous spirit, the kindest heart, a world-class sense of humor, and in the past year, along with partners Zooey Deschanel and Molly McAleer, has created one of our favorite sites and sources for online entertainment. It’s no wonder women of every age wish they had a BFF just like Sophia! We highly recommend you check out Sophia’s site and her hilarious Twitter feed, and for the next four weeks she’ll be moonlighting here at The Chalkboard, too! Lucky us…take it away, Sophia!

While I don’t feel qualified to be The Chalkboard’s guest editor for September, I do feel honored to be asked and can’t wait to spend the month of September sharing some of my most-valued advice and favorite things. I have loved The Chalkboard from its conception and I think it’s primarily because of how aspirational I find the site. Sure, I like healthy food and green products but how do I find out about them? And once I’ve found them, how DO I use them? Thankfully, I have The Chalkboard to help me find answers to so many of my questions!

Being one of the co-founders of HelloGiggles gives me the authority to let you in on a little secret: People are awesome. People are creative. People are inspiring. Having just celebrated our first birthday, I can whole-heartedly say what a blessing it has been for myself and my two co-founders Zooey Deschanel and Molly McAleer to witness all of the love and creativity that exists in front of our very eyes and on the inter-webs. I am endlessly impressed and inspired by what I’ve learned since creating Hello Giggles and what I’ve seen in our amazing community of readers and contributors—and just like The Chalkboard readers, I hope to never stop learning!

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