Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Our Favorite Funnies From HelloGiggles

Funny business is the business at HelloGiggles and we can’t get enough of co-founder Sophia Rossi’s endorphin-releasing antics. Having a good laugh can do wonders for your mental health, hormones and even your skin! Sit back and get ready for a healthy dose of hilarity.

Here are our top 5 Favorite Funnies from Hello Giggles this year…

1. Top 10 Irrational Fears

Heights?  Check.  Darkness?  Boring.  A guide to the things that have us really shaking in our boots…like cotton balls.

2. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: the Laundromat

This video is more charming than funny – you’ll see why 1.5 millions others thought this was entertaining too. Don’t pretend you’ve never broken into dance like this – or at least thought about it.

3. I Wanna Be A Toy Tester: Movie Jobs That Probably Don’t Even Exist

Who didn’t want to grow up to be the person who has to test toys or dive while riding a horse, just to pay the bills?

4. Erin Foster Is the Worst Babysitter Ever

Ah, babysitting. This look at what not to do while watching your friend’s children with funny girl Erin Foster is just too much .

5. Pitch Perfect’s Los Angeles Screening!

If you’re in the LA area, Hello Giggles is extending the invitation to attend a screening of the new movie Pitch Perfect later this week! With the success of Bridesmaids, it looks like girl comedies are here to stay!

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For the month of September, we are thrilled to welcome  Sophia Rossi of Hello Giggles as our guest editor. Sophia is so inspiring to us—she has the most generous spirit, the kindest heart, a world-class sense of humor, and in the past year, alon...

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