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Wellness trends. They come and they go. They delight, they transform, they disillusion and they inspire.

We use the term ‘wellness trend’ fluidly. If a boring, old-as-dirt veggie like kale can become a phenomenon, you know that almost anything can trend. Whatever you’re into — or not into — there’s no judgment here. Wellness isn’t one-size-fits-all. That face oil your sister is addicted to could be totally wrong for you. Or maybe your bestie is on a keto kick and loving it, but you literally. can’t. even.

Trends can surge a good new idea out into the masses – but the same surge happens for not-so-great ideas too.

We asked our Instagram and Facebook followings to divulge the top wellness trends they’re feeling the least (go read them all!) and we picked these hilarious and relatable responses to feature for your enjoyment…

Just the word “keto” is enough to piss me off for some reason.

BONE BROTH. Not because I don’t believe in it, but because I find it seriously disgusting. 

Snail beauty products. Yuck.

Haven’t found one I won’t try!

“Healthy” cocktails.

Oil pulling. I know it works but it’s unpleasant and who has the time?

Apple cider vinegar! I’ve been drinking vinegar since I was old enough to pour it myself. I should look like I’m 15 years old and have the metabolism of a teenager to boot if all those claims were for real. Instead I just have no enamel on my teeth. Still love it though! Haha

Keto/Whole 30/Any diet that doesn’t let me eat pasta. 

Anything “anti-aging” like… wow, there’s a face cream / diet / face roller that will turn back the wheel of time?! Give us humans some dignity – maybe we love that time leaves marks on us!

Just because something is ancient doesn’t mean it’s legit!

Crystals inside of drinking water #nope

Every single morning workout…

Matcha. I avoid food from Japan … since Fukushima is still leaking I am very concerned about contamination- specifically radioactive particles: tritium, strontium 90 – very harmful to our DNA (30,000 year half life) & caesium & radioactive iodine (absorbed by seaweed) .

The fake eyebrow trend!

Colonics because they TERRIFY me.

So funny cause intermittent fasting, collagen and bone broth are the ones that I swear by and they’re the top ones people here are saying they can’t get behind on here!

Steaming your freaking vagina.

I can’t do kale. I’ve tried so hard, so many ways but, just, no.

Spirulina. it is beautiful, but the presence of BMAA (neurotoxin linked to alzheimer’s like disease) and potential presence of microcystin (linked to liver damage) and/or heavy metals, aren’t worth the risk.

Posting photos of myself meditating. Talk about missing the point.

Single-use face mask mania… so much plastic waste. NOT pretty.

This is the best feed! Anything that is the best thing for everyone out there – I’m a total believer in bio-individuality.

Jade eggs – Are you kidding me with that shiz?!

Oat milk that has canola oil in it – what’s up w/that?

All this BS about cockroach milk. + Cricket flour. I don’t give a damn… I’m NOT eating insects. Nope. Nope. Nope.This new broccoli coffee thing got me like 🤢

Crystals + overnight oats + placenta capsules + spiralina

 These comments basically describe all my hobbies…

Are there any top wellness trends that are triggering to you? Or does it make you feel extra proud for pouring yourself a tumbler of bone broth at your desk? Share in the comments!

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