We recently cozied up amongst the cashmere inside Jennie Kayne’s Brentwood shop for a conversation on self-care with a group of wellness ladies we love: Author and actress Molly Sims, foam rolling and fascia expert, Lauren Roxburgh, and the founder of green skincare brand True Botanicals, Hillary Peterson.

Over the course of an hour long panel – which can be watched in full here – our Editor In Chief, Suzanne Hall, led a candid discussion on sustainable wellness habits, how to make sense of so many trends, and the reality of how most wellness leaders stay committed to their health goals.

We love bringing together a variety of perspectives like this – beauty, fitness, food – and wanted to share the best of what each of these leaders in the space had to say…

Molly Sims | on real life vs. instagram life:
All these girls you’re following on Instagram? They’re just like you. Trust me when I say that even the most healthy celebrities are living very normal, balanced lives and just revving up before big special events and shoots — so don’t compare your life to someone’s Instagram moment.

HILLARY Peterson | What’s old is new again…
One of the things I’m so excited about is that ancient healing wisdom is becoming a trend. Some of these teachings are grounded in centuries of knowlege, and now brands are formulating products based on that same ancient wisdom which is now being validated in labs in universities. There was a time in our culture when the pace of things got really fast, but people are slowing down and it’s beautiful.

MOLLY Sims | On keeping it simple:
There’s a big misconception that you have to follow the latest trends, and if you’re not doing it then you’re not as healthy as you could be. We have to be careful not to get busy chasing trends and forget to actually commit to something. We need to stop always grasping the next and just commit. Sometimes the simplest habits are the most powerful ones. Take away some of the noise and you’ll find that things work so much better.

HILLARY Peterson | on feeding your skin:
Many of us experience anxiety or become overwhelmed when it comes to skincare because there is so much to try – where do we start? Think about how your skin is meant to function; our skin barrier is meant to retain nutrients, not be stripped of them, so be gentle. Use real ingredients. Whatever you use to feed the cells inside your body is what you should use to feed the cells of your skin.

LAUREN Roxburgh | on daily movement:
Fitness isn’t just about sweating, it’s also about restoration. It’s about movement. To bring balance into your fitness routine use a foam roller, rebounder, and dry brushing, to create more space in the body and in the connective tissue.

LAUREN Roxburgh | on the mind body connection:
Did you know we hold resentment in our armpits? Or that pain in our knees is linked to feeling unsupported?  We store emotions in our body, and pain is often related to those emotions getting stuck and unprocessed.

SUZANNE Hall | on being intuitive about wellness:
It’s important to make wellness enjoyable. Build fun infrastructure for yourself. Give yourself permission to make your own systems, you don’t need to stick to every single wellness pro’s rules. Create rituals that make you happy when you’re doing them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, slow down and try not to take it so seriously. Make wellness work for you.

HILLARY Peterson | on being present:
If you take care of and appreciate yourself then you’re going to have so much more to give to others. Wellness is so much about self -love today. It’s easy to look at the things you wish you were doing, but its so much more helpful to celebrate the things you are doing. Take a bath, cleanse your crystals, make these little moments of pease and pleasure your wellness practice. Love what you’re doing, and don’t waste time being critical of yourself.

MOLLY Sim | on her dry brushing obsession:
Just dry brush. It doesn’t take as much time as most people think. Even though I’m busy, I always make time to dry brushbecause it’s worth it for the results –erasing cellulite and promoting lymphatic drainage.

MOLLY Sims | on her wellness travel hack:
The one wellness thing I always travel with is 8greens tablets. When I’m busy and can’t do all the things, this is the one thing I’ll still do. and I happen to know that Lauren always travels with an avocado.)

LAUREN Roxburgh | on the difference between pain and discomfort:
There is a sweet spot between the discomfort of growth and pain. To find that fine line, you need to know yourself, get to know your body. Define your wellness goals for yourself. Put it on paper, create structure for yourself, find out what you want and guide yourself there. Decide where you are willing to put your energy, and don’t push yourself too far beyond your boundary until you’re ready. Wellness is as about emotional wellness most of all.

Learn more about fitness, beauty, balance from Molly with these tips from her time as our Guest Editor.

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