Warning: These ideas may lead to more cooking.

Cookbooks have become works of art over the last decade, especially in the world of wellness. Our cookbook collection has become too pretty to hide away and, just like all those design books we’ve got stacked all over the house, we’ve found a few ways to keep these beautiful cooking guides in our line of sight. Another perk of a pretty display? Seeing our favorite covers everyday increases the odds of us cracking them open and cooking new recipes more often.  

Here are three gorgeous and ultra-simple ideas to keep your prettiest cookbooks front and center in the kitchen where they can get the attention and admiration they deserve…

create an OPEN SHELf display | Pick a wall in your kitchen or near it – even a pantry wall will do. Pile in your prettiest cookbooks on just one shelf or line the whole wall, floor to ceiling, and go to town. We dare you not to cook more often with a display like this. CHECK OUT

Curate An Invisible Book Shelf | This floating shelf is the perfect solution for a small space, putting your prettiest spines front and center for easy access and major style-points. Consider adding a shelf like this one near the island where you drink coffee on the weekends or where the family gathers to kill time. Just having them at arm’s length may encourage more fun cooking projects. CHECK OUT

Make room for a stack | We pile those coffee table books throughout the house, why not do the same with cookbooks in the kitchen? Slide a stack under a table, onto an island or under a shelf – anyplace for inspiration on-demand. For an extra bit of design cred, consider color coordinating the spines.

Here are some of our favorite cookbooks to get you inspired! 

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