The Lazy Girls’ Guide To Working Out

Whether you’re regularly downward dogging before breakfast or barely making good use of your Classpass membership, we all have lazy days or weeks when fitting in fitness seems more daunting than usual.

We’re all for committing to a regular fitness routine, but if you’re experiencing one of those in-between life moments where hitting the gym just isn’t going to happen, don’t stress! Here are a few ideas that’ll let you sneak in a sweat without disrupting your hazy, lazy summer vibe…

Infrared Sauna

Laying zipped up in a sauna suit, inside a sauna bed or infrared room is actually quite the workout. Psychologically speaking, infrared feels like an hour on the beach, but physiologically, we’re heating up, sweating out and getting our heart rates majorly elevated.

Shake Plate

Want to workout for less time, with better results? Of course! Shake plate technology continually fatigues and challenge muscles during every move, adding to the calorie-burn of a normal workout while you stand on a vibrating plate. Sounds crazy, actually works – and makes working out a little more interesting.

Resistance bands

Getting in a little muscle-building mini-workout is as easy as storing a resistance band or two in your desk drawer or under the bed. Break them out during marathon phone calls, while watching a movie or to take a break between emails. These simple little bands provide all the resistance you need to perform several powerful workout moves in no time. It may not be a full pilates class, but using body bands upgrade your Netflix binge in a major way.

The Rebounder

This relic from your grandma’s aerobic days will never truly go out of style. Don’t underestimate the power of a mini-trampoline to power up your circulation and create a bit of resistance as you jump. We store a rebounder here at HQ and break it out whenever afternoons drag on and our bodies need a pep up.

The Ball Chair

The true lazy girl’s workout must include a ball chair. Upgrade your office desk by swapping out your desk chair with one of these large, core-challenging balls and tell us if you don’t feel a difference in your back, leg and stomach strength after a month. No time at the gym, just a simple adjustment to all that sit time you’re already putting in.

Get out of the house

Missed your yoga class? Before your brain has the chance to object, slowly remove butt from couch and begin lacing up those trainers. Throw on a sports bra and a podcast and head out the door. Whether you hit the pavement for five minutes or fifty, you’ll get your body moving and your blood flowing. Run-walk intervals around the block, sprint to your favorite coffee shop, or just speed step through the neighborhood quickly enough that your body feels a burn.

Namaste'd In Bed?

Ever skipped the gym or fell off that workout wagon? Tell us what you do to get motivated or fit in mini-workouts when you’re just to lazy for your normal class… 

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