pasta salad

As we near the end of August, our cozy fall food cravings begin to stir. We know the summer temperatures won’t be dropping anytime soon, but we’re all tapped out on chilled summer foods. What’s a girl to eat in these in-between seasons?

In late August, early September, we love a good pasta salad like this one from one of Los Angeles’ healthiest caterers, Heirloom LA. The whole wheat pasta and fresh mozzarella get us cozier than a bowl of straight greens, but the rainbow of fresh herbs and vegetables keep us in a bit of a summer state. The longer this salad marinates, the more delicious it becomes; make it at the start of a lazy weekend so all there’s left to do when you’re hungry is enjoy!

whole wheat pasta salad with rainbow veggies
Makes 4-6 portions


boiling pot (1 gallon)
sauté pan
mixing bowls (2 each)
cutting board
chef’s knife


6 cups whole wheat pasta, cooked
2-3 heirloom tomatoes, stems removed, cut in bite-size pieces, seasoned with salt, pepper and olive oil
2-3 cups baby carrots, cut in bite-size pieces, blanched
1 cup fresh mozzarella, cut in bite-size pieces, seasoned with olive oil salt and pepper
1 cup white balsamic dressing
2 cups basil, sliced (lemon, opal, sweet and thai basil)
salt and pepper, to taste
olive oil, to taste

For the white balsamic dressing:
4 oz white balsamic vinegar
1 Tbsp mustard
4 oz olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste


To make the white balsamic dressing, combine ingredients in jar and shake vigorously.

In mixing bowl, combine carrots, tomatoes and their juices, cooked pasta, half the white balsamic dressing and half the basil. Season to taste.

Present in platter, garnish with marinated mozzarella cheese, remaining basil and drizzle with olive oil.

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