8 Things You Should Know About Lash Lift + Microblading

So you’re thinking about inking your brows? You’re not alone. Semi-permanent beauty treatments like microblading for brows and keratin-powered Lash Lift for lashes have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. These big-commitment but super low-maintenance solutions are intended to be convincingly natural. Done well, the transformative treatments enhance natural beauty — but finding someone you can trust to achieve the right look can be tough.

We asked semi-permanent beauty pro, Christina Son, who works on celebs across town here in LA to answer all the questions you need to ask before committing. From pain expectations to tips for finding the right practitioner, here is everything you need to know about lash lift and microblading…

Does microblading hurt?

Christina Son: The majority of my clients do not feel pain or discomfort. Some say they feel a sensation but don’t consider it uncomfortable. Others have actually fallen asleep during the process! I also offer clients the choice of pre-numbing, before starting the procedure, or going “au natural.” Even with no pre-numbing, a majority of my clients have said they felt no pain or it’s very tolerable.

How do I choose a practitioner?

CS: My best recommendation is to take your time and do some good research on the artist. Every artist has their own style and approach, so it’s important that the client and artist are a good fit. Whether it’s lashes or brows, reviewing before and after photos definitely helps you get a feel for the artist’s style. Questions are encouraged so you are comfortable with the artist. In addition to the artistic aspect, you should inquire as to the certification they have, how long they have been doing their craft and the type of products they use.

What if I barely have any brows? will microblading work for me? 

CS: That’s totally okay! Microblading can benefit anyone with no brow hair, thinning brow hair or anyone simply looking for some fullness or shape definition. Some clients are having microblading done because of health issues or medical treatments, which have negatively impacted their brows, such alopecia, thyroid issues and cancer survivors. Other clients are generally happy with their brows but just want some natural fullness. I like to start slowly and not do too much during the initial appointment. This allows me to work in stages so it doesn’t overwhelm the client. It also provides an opportunity for the client to become comfortable with their newly microbladed brows. When they come back for their follow-up touch-up appointment, it’s the time for further work, if desired, such as going bolder or darker.

How often do I upkeep microblading?

CS: An annual touch up is recommended after the completion of the initial work. The initial work includes the primary and immediate follow-up appointments.

Does a lash lift make my lashes longer?

CS: Lash lift does not make your lashes physically longer, as this would require extensions. However, lash lift will make the lashes appear longer because they will be much more visible after they are lifted and raised — as if you had used an amazing lash curler. Some people don’t realize how long their natural lashes really are because our natural lashes are usually either straight or have a very slight curl, so once we raise them, it gives a long and voluminous look.

Can I still wear mascara with a lift?

CS: Absolutely! The beauty of this treatment is that there is no maintenance, so mascara can be worn, if desired. However, waterproof mascara is discouraged as it’s difficult to remove, which will cause you to be rough with your lashes. A majority of my clients feel that they do not need a mascara after the lift. They just wake up and go!

How long will a lash lift last?

CS: Lash lift lasts approximately 6-8 weeks, on average, depending on the strength and texture of the person’s natural lashes. Some clients can stretch this out longer than others and vice versa, depending on their lashes.

What are the benefits of both treatments?

CS: Microblading and lash lift are a powerful combo transformation of a person’s facial features. They’re both semi-permanent treatments and make a person look awakened, rejuvenated and youthful. It has a huge impact on every client’s appearance, especially on clients who have or had health/medical conditions such as cancer survivors, alopecia, thyroid, etc. Those two services alone provide a huge boost to self esteem.

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