Living well means many things. You won’t find us talking about weight loss around here very often, because, for the most part, we believe that aiming for vibrant health and a nutrient dense diet will keep most of us feeling balanced and strong. But there are moments in life when each of us wants to put our best foot forward or get back on track after a wobbly week or so of indulgent nights out. For moments like those, how does a wellness warrior achieve a little slimming down in healthful balance?

We decided to ask a few of our favorite L.A. wellness experts how they slim down in just a couple days time. Our crew doesn’t do harmful extremes and we love and trust them for it: from infrared sauna sessions to foolproof three-day meal plans, we’ll be keeping these tips in mind as we near the holidays… 

Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde | I have some major go-tos in my repertoire, since a balanced life definitely includes de-bloating and feeling our best for certain events and for as many days of life as possible! Some of my favorite quick and easy methods are doing Bulletproof coffee for breakfast for about a week – it kickstarts our metabolism, helps us burn fat and fuels us on those healthy fats for sustained energy. I always shed a pound or two when I am diligent about my Bulletproof routine. Also, infrared sauna! I recently tried Sweatheory and fell in love. Lastly, veggie soups for dinner are always nice and light and make me feel great.

Carly DeCastro, Pressed Juicery | I eliminate dairy, gluten, alcohol and sugar and do at least one liquid meal a day. I’ll do a smoothie in the morning (made with a Pressed Juicery juice) and midday I’ll have a parsley tea that I turn into “soup” by adding cayenne, olive oil and a dash of tamari. Then a clean dinner. And of course, a colonic!

Lacy Phillips, Free + Native | I personally go on a kitchari fast, hit an infrared sauna, and swap between HIIT workout one day with intense cardio the next. Abs everyday! Wellness tonics always.

Shira Lenchewski, MS, RD, ShiraRD | Since fluids help expel waste from the body, staying hydrated is key for de-bloating. I recommend pounding 2 to 3 liters a day. Also, try integrating natural probiotic sources into your diet, like coconut kefir and raw sauerkraut helps keeps things moving. Potassium also helps mediate bloating by balancing body fluids: Potassium-rich foods include avocados, bananas, kiwis, and dates. Be sure to snack smart and nix artificial sweeteners as many come with an unfavorable laxative effect, thereby bringing on the bloat, fast.

Kelly LeVeque, Be Well By Kelly | No snacking, so load up those smoothies with fat and drink loads of water with lemon and cucumber or asparagus, which contains enzymes to release excess sodium and reduce bloating. Asparagus has high levels of the amino acid asparagine, which serves as a natural diuretic, and increased urination not only releases fluid but helps rid the body of excess salt. Cucumber squelches inflammation and the natural enzymes support digestion.

Ashley Neese | I focus on lean protein and veggies, and cut out all starches, carbs and load up on bone broths. Staying hydrated with tons of water and other healthy liquids is key, as is hitting the Korean spa for a good sweat or two!

Simone De La Rue, Body By Simone | When I’m trying to lean out for my DVD shoot, I cut out alcohol, salt, sugar, gluten and dairy two weeks before. Three days to go I up my cardio, lessen my fluids and go in sauna and get a massage which helps drain the lymphatic glands and sweat out excess water.

Amanda Bacon, Moon Juice | I’ll cut out all sugars, grains, fruits, even the sweetness hiding in a nut milk. Load up on probiotic foods (fermented veggies, coconut kefir, coconut yogurt), green juices and green foods, sprouted nut and seed snacks, and make sure you’re only consuming a high quality salt like pink salt!

Jenni Kayne | I use a combination of colonics, lots of water, and probiotics. I also take magnesium and fiber at night and eliminate all carbs and alcohol! Simple, clean and healthy recipes are also so important.

Suzanne Hall, The Chalkboard Mag | Get plenty of sleep, run intervals two of the three days and shoot a little apple cider vinegar after dinner each day. Drink so much water it’s crazy, including plenty of warm drinks with a tiny bit of cayenne and swap out sugar and bread for greens most meals.

Kristin Dahl, Dahl House Nutrition | I drink tons of fresh ginger, lemon and fennel tea, drink half of my body weight in ounces of water daily, and try to add a little extra nutrition to all my meals. I refrain from eating anything with garlic and onions (even cooked!) and absolutely no dairy (though I steer clear of that for the bloat factor anyway). I do lots of hot yoga, spend time in the steam room, take a bath with epsom salt and lavender nightly and get plenty of sleep!

Got a great tip you don’t see here? Share it in the comments below!

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