On My Desk: Kneeland Mercado’s Joanna Williams

On any given Sunday morning, you can find us trawling our local flea markets searching for hidden treasures. But unlike your local flea where you can easily walk away empty handed, the new site, Mercado by Kneeland Co., will yield awesome finds, every time. Joanna Williams, who works as a trend forecaster and consults on design decisions for companies like Ralph Lauren and Anthropologie, has been traveling the world for years looking for inspirational clothing, furniture, accessories and knick-knacks and bringing them home to her clients and friends—and now anyone with access to a computer can shop her impeccable collectibles thanks to her recently launched e-shop.

Of course, when we thought about launching our own new series On My Desk, we knew Joanna was the perfect first subject. We loved getting a behind-the-scenes look at how this world traveler, small business owner and top-notch collector stays organized and inspired. Not only is every inch a revelation, but also most of it is available to buy so hop on over to Mercado after checking out her amazingly outfitted office space!

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