Kelly Wearstler

Meet our October guest editor, the mutli-talented interior designer and fashion designer Kelly Wearstler!

Dear Chalkboard readers,

I’m honored to be your guest editor for the month of October, as living the healthy, clean lifestyle so effectively promoted by The Chalkboard is one of my greatest passions.

My interest in living life to its fullest, healthiest potential started a few years ago after reading The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. The book shed light on how the people of rural China stave off heart disease, diabetes and cancer by eating a diet incredibly rich in plant-based foods.

I’ve been a healthy eater for the past decade. But the book really got me thinking about the true meaning behind everything that goes in my body. And I found that incorporating a multitude of mostly fresh, raw foods into my diet and cutting out refined flour and sugar gave me the energy of superwoman and a beautiful glow that can’t be found in a cosmetics bottle. Good, whole food nutrition combined with exercise and balanced relaxation has been my savior; not to mention the only fail-proof beauty secret I’ve found.

It’s so important for me to feel good throughout my day. Between working on interior design projects, designing my ready-to-wear and accessories collections, merchandising my Los Angeles boutique, working on my next book and being a mom to my two boys, I need all the energy I can find.

The Chalkboard is one of my favorite websites because it sheds an empowering light on so many of the issues I hold near and dear to my (healthy) heart — whether discovering a cool new vegetable I should be buying at the Malibu Farmer’s Market to explaining a form of yoga I’ve never heard of to creating a delicious, all-natural snack for my family.

I’m elated to have an entire month with you guys to contribute to this very important conversation through pictures, posts and cool giveaways. I hope to share some of my rules of clean living and, in general, the things that, quite simply, just make me feel good. I hope they inspire you to feel good, too.

Let’s get the journey started!


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