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We first featured iconic interior designer, Kelly Wearstler as our guest editor in 2012. Some things may have changed (Check out those vintage pressed juicery bottles! And there is a Blackberry mention in this story!), however Wearstler’s aesthetic has endured and her impact as a designer has only grown. 

You can now catch Kelly on the Masterclass platform where she can be found breaking down the principles beyond her modern style as shown in a few of our favorite California hotels like The Proper Santa Monica. 

Kelly Wearstler is more than just an interior designer—she’s a tour de force of all things stylish, beautiful and lovely. It’s no wonder that she’s expanded her empire beyond just creating well-appointed rooms and her eponymous line now caters to all facets of a life well lived including a ready-to-wear collection, an accessory line and wares for the home. Since she’s an expert at culling the most inspirational stuff out there, we asked this pro for her list of essentials she can’t live without—from the top supplements that keep her feeling healthy to the scents that her nose knows on a daily basis, here’s Kelly’s must-haves!


Kelly Wearstler Cube Bangle


Juices by Pressed Juicery


Dr. Haushka Lip Care Stick


MacroGreens by Macro Life Naturals


Golden Goose Sneakers, Kelly Wearstler Alpaca Blanket

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