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Just ‘Do It: 6 Gym Hair Upgrades We Love
Lay Down: Twisted Low Bun

A low bun is perfect for yoga or mat pilates, where you'll be resting the back of your head on the ground in certain postures. Pretty yet practical, we'll definitely be rocking this look in our next power flow class, courtesy of Refinery 29's tutorial. 



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Running, jumping, lifting and lunging – whether you’re going high or low impact, no one wants a sweaty mane falling in their face! While the classic pony tail and headband suffices in a pinch, there is absolutely no reason you can’t rock a cool coif while pounding out your push-ups. From braids and bubbles to twists and topknots, we’ve rounded up six sizzlin’ gym hair upgrades to your go-to looks, no matter how you choose to sweat!

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