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Just ‘Do It: 6 Gym Hair Upgrades We Love
Rock Star Moment: Braided Mohawk

While some of us adore the sweet and simple when it comes to gym hair, others want their hair to look just as badass as their workout. We love this rockstar look Kate Bosworth sported on the runway, and love that our blog-girl crush Byrdie got the scoop on recreating the look even more. Just because it's red-carpet ready doesn't mean it cant work for your morning run! 



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Running, jumping, lifting and lunging – whether you’re going high or low impact, no one wants a sweaty mane falling in their face! While the classic pony tail and headband suffices in a pinch, there is absolutely no reason you can’t rock a cool coif while pounding out your push-ups. From braids and bubbles to twists and topknots, we’ve rounded up six sizzlin’ gym hair upgrades to your go-to looks, no matter how you choose to sweat!

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