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Just ‘Do It: 6 Gym Hair Upgrades We Love
Pony 2.0: Bubble ponytail

Thought your go-to gym hairdo was hopelessly destined to be ho-hum? You thought wrong. Perk up your pony by adding some bubble action, like My Shine Project did! This style is fool-proof, and is sure to put some pep in your step and bounce on your head.



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Running, jumping, lifting and lunging – whether you’re going high or low impact, no one wants a sweaty mane falling in their face! While the classic pony tail and headband suffices in a pinch, there is absolutely no reason you can’t rock a cool coif while pounding out your push-ups. From braids and bubbles to twists and topknots, we’ve rounded up six sizzlin’ gym hair upgrades to your go-to looks, no matter how you choose to sweat!

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