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The Chalkboard is A Guide To Living Well — our whole aim being to feed you that slow drip of wellness content to help you live a balanced and informed life. Jay Shetty shares a similar vision. As a former monk and NYT best-selling author, Jay thrives in that sweet spot between ancient wisdom and modern behavioral science.

On his popular podcast, On Purpose, Jay mines guests for just those kinds of insights. His conversations with top athletes. doctors, authors and entertainment figures aim to deepen our cultural narrative and make “wisdom go viral”. We also love his new mantra, ‘joy on your own’ — more on that below.

Dive into our convo with Jay and explore our whole What I’ve Learned series with so many wellness leaders here.

Our Jay Shetty Interview: What I’ve Learned So Far

tell us about the podcast for those who aren’t familiar? My podcast is dedicated to helping people find, live and thrive in their purpose. We focus on everything from our physical and mental health to emotional and psychological wellbeing. My intention is that people leave the podcast feeling happier, healthier and healed.

Favorite podcast guest(s) of late: Kendall Jenner was an incredible guest. I am so grateful to her for her openness and vulnerability and for how our community received that episode.

Kobe Bryant is one of my favorite guests ever. It was so powerful to have had a conversation with him following his recent retirement from the NBA, and discussing his transition into focusing on life as a dad and coach as a main component in finding his purpose in life. It was tragic to hear of his passing in the months following, but I am beyond grateful to have had that moment with him and have this conversion for the world to enjoy in remembering his power and legacy.

What I’ve learned about people… I’ve learned that everyone is very individual in their own journey, but that we all have something to learn from one another whether we know it or not.

What I’ve learned about myself… I’ve learned that even in sharing wisdom with others, there is so much for me to learn from these conversations and to carry with me.

What I’ve learned about resilience during the last few years… We are capable of incredible things but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel pain. It is so important to acknowledge our wounds, to make time and space for healing and learn to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes.

What I’ve learned about business… I’ve learned that there are many highs and lows to growing a business, but that optimism and passion for the brand makes the hard work worthwhile.

My best tip for creating balance day to day: Don’t strive for balance. It will distract you and may drain you. Instead, work on things you care about and believe in.

What I’ve learned about wellness amidst it all… It is a daily commitment. It is listening to your mind, body and heart and adapting your habits accordingly. It is as much about what you do for yourself as who you’re around and why you do what you do.

The first moment I knew things were going to work out with the pod was…As soon as we shared the show. My community responded with the best energy. I am so grateful for our On Purpose community and I am constantly trying to serve them.

Up until the day we announced the podcast I was nervous. A big company pulled out two weeks before we launched saying they “didn’t think it was going to be a big show,” and that was really tough because we had to do everything ourselves. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

My proudest moment so far: It’s hard to say. I feel we have so much work left to do, but it would have to be how I feel today. I think it always has to be what I am experiencing in the now. I am surrounded by a wonderful team and a genuine group of friends who have become family in LA.jay shetty interviews

You recently launched JOYO with your wife, Radhi. what is it like going into business together? Drinking tea has always been an important part of our daily routines and we wanted to create a sparkling tea that would create fun, vibrant and celebratory experiences for everyone in the world.

JOYO stands for Joy On Your Own and we believe that when you find that joy you can then share it with others. Working with Radhi has been a dream as JOYO is something we are both equally passionate about. I credit our communication and ability to identify each of our strengths within the company in making our partnership a success.

What are you most excited about currently: I am excited about building JOYO with my wife Radhi. I always wanted an excuse to spend more time with her and now I have it. Not sure how she feels about it, but we’re so happy to see so many people enjoying the drink and we can’t wait for many more to join the community!

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