Sweet Laurel chocolate cake mix

It’s finally here. LA’s favorite grain-free bakery now makes a chocolate cake mix you can order at home to create one of the most popular dessert recipes we’ve ever shared on TCM.

The Sweet Laurel brand was born out of a personal wellness need. Co-founder Laurel Gallucci was looking for grain-free desserts that fit her own health needs and went from experimenting with recipes at home to launching one of our favorite dessert brands of all time. As it turned out, Laurel wasn’t the only one with a condition-specific diet looking to have her cake and eat it too.

healthy chocolate cakeJust as the Sweet Laurel brand was getting started in 2015, we shared this recipe: Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake You Won’t Believe. As no surprise to us, our readers absolutely went wild for it. It’s become a TCM classic and has been baked in more readers’ ovens than we could count!

The Sweet Laurel Chocolate Cake Mix is now available country-wide so that you can make one our reader’s favorite cakes at home with ease. Pop to our recipe story and find the perfect ganache frosting recipe to pair with.

sweet laurel baking mix

In addition to the cake mix, Sweet Laurel also now offers a Scone Mix, Pancake Mix and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough — all made with the grain, dairy and refined sugar-free values we love them for.


Sweet Laurel ahas a stunning bakery here in LA and a whole world of cookbooks. Want to explore this beloved Los Angeles brand further? Meet the founders here and enjoy our wide array of recipes from Laurel and Claire here!

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