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We all have our own tricks up our sleeve when it comes to getting motivated to hit the gym. Whether it be putting your alarm in the other room for an early morning class or simply stocking your workout wardrobe with staples you love to put on, finding ways to make workouts fun is everything we’re about.  If it’s fun, you’ll stay committed. If you feel good headed to the gym – in a wicked bra top, coconut water in hand – you have a better chance of sticking to it well past January 15th.

Clearly, Kate Hudson’s fitness routine is on point and she has found a way to stay super-motivated. Not only is her body proof positive, but Fabletics, her new fitnesswear line, shows she’s not afraid to have a little fun in the gym (or on the trail.) We asked Kate to share a few of the fun daily details she uses to keep herself gym-ready. Get her playlist, stock up on coconut water, and check out that Vaasa sportsbra (we’re giving one away next week, stay tuned!)


Kate Hudson

Studio uniform:

Now that I have my company Fabletics, that is what I love to wear. I usually wear either the shorts or the Lima Capri leggings, and one of our seamless sports bras (the Vaasa is one of my favorites) and our Switch Back tee.

Favorite way to hydrate:

Coconut water and plain water.

Favorite post-workout fuel:

Green juice and some sort of protein, depending on what time of day.

What I wear when I’m feeling adventurous:

Not much…

Braids or pony:


Candles or incense:

Both! But if I had to pick: candles.

Staying sane on the go:

The calendar on my phone; I always have it with me and refer to it whenever I need to review my day.

On my workout playlist…

“We Are Here” Alicia Keys
“Animals” Maroon 5
“Hideaway” by Kiesza
“Passive Me, Aggressive You” The Naked and Famous
“Habits” Tove Lo
“Burn the Pages” Sia

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