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It’s that time of year again. Time to trade in your eggnog for green juice, mashed potatoes for super sprout salads, and Christmas cookies for chia pudding. We’ve had our fun indulging and are finally feeling ready for that January juice cleanse!

Juice cleansing is a Chalkboard tradition, one that we rely on every New Year to achieve a clean slate, to reset our taste buds, and get a head start on resolutions. By taking a few days to drink only nutrient-rich fresh pressed juices, you reduce the amount of input and stress on the body. This allows your body to focus on clearing stagnant waste, built-up chemicals, undigested food and any other inflammatory, disease-causing agents that have made a home in the system. Concurrently, the flood of vital vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from the juice helps heal and recharge the tissues, organs and cells, leaving you energized, clear thinking and enlivened. It seems so simple, but when you give your body a break, it can do amazing things – you may even see regular symptoms like congested sinuses, headaches, fatigue, constipation, allergies and general aches start to go away. All you need to do is to commit to the process, and allow the body to work its magic.

Whether you’re about to embark on your umpteenth juice cleanse or are a total virgin, consider maximizing the benefits of your cleanse with a few of our favorite boosters. While a juice cleanse facilitates the movement and clearance of toxins from the body, there is even more you can do to expedite this process and improve the results. By using targeted nutritional supplements and organ cleansing protocols, you can dig even deeper into tissues to get rid of stubborn chemicals, heavy metals and pathogens, and repair damage done. If you’re going to take the time and effort to juice cleanse, why not do yourself a favor and take it to the next level? Here are our five favorite cleanse-boosting practices and supplements to get an even deeper detox:

5 Ways to Boost your Juice Cleanse

Calcium Bentonite Clay

Calcium bentonite is a specific form of bentonite clay that is known to be the most effective and safe for clearing toxins from the body. It has powerful adsorptive and absorptive detoxification properties, binding to the widest range of toxins including chemicals, heavy metals, bacterial toxins, chemotherapy metabolites, pro-inflammatory compounds, glyphosates (the key ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp weedkiller for GMOs) and mycotoxins (aflatoxins – found in nuts, grains, corn). Unlike other forms of clay (kaolin, DTO smectite), calcium bentonite, also known as calcium aluminosilicate, does not bind to beneficial minerals and nutrients in the body. In addition, it has also shown to be effective in treating diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, food poisoning and bacterial endotoxemia. Add a capsule or so of clay to your juices and drink daily for a maximum clearance of toxins from the body.

* Note: make sure to purchase from a reputable source, bentonite clay can be contaminated with heavy metals and chemicals

TCM Pick: Medi Clay FX

Kidney Cleanse

It is not often that you hear people preaching about kidney health, let alone the importance of cleansing them, but the truth is that your kidneys control far more than you might expect. In fact, they are at the root of our health. Our kidneys determine how we look and feel, both emotionally and physically, from the way our hair and nails grow, to our zest for life. It’s all linked back to our kidneys. This is why their neglect could be the achilles heel for many, preventing transformation in health, especially when everything else seems to be in place. Adding specific nutrients and protocols for improving kidney health during or following a juice cleanse is our favorite way to get that full, thick head of hair, a fertile body, unstoppable sex drive, and long lasting energy. It is also essential for those dealing with conditions of the kidney including kidney stones, so grab a copy of the Kidney Cleanse book and start adding in targeted therapies.

TCM Pick: The Miracle Kidney Cleanse


Chlorella is a green algae that acts as a chelating agent targeting heavy metals in the bloodstream and digestive tract. So if you have a history of exposure to heavy metals, especially mercury, then adding in a chlorella supplement to your juice cleanse will be an excellent adjunct. Many of us have abnormally high levels of mercury without even knowing it. Common ways we are exposed are through mercury amalgams (cavity fillings), eating large fish (tuna, swordfish, shark, mackerel, orange roughy, tilefish, marlin, grouper, sea bass), vaccinations and air pollution. So in essence, everyone (especially those looking to get pregnant) should consider cleansing heavy metals with chlorella while juice cleansing.

TCM Pick: Chlorella Manna Powder

Liver/ Gallbladder Flush

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, controlling over 400 functions. These functions range from full-body detoxification, synthesis of proteins, hormone control and production, as well as nutrient and energy synthesis. Unfortunately many practices congest the liver, such as stress; eating fatty, sugary or processed foods; drinking alcohol; taking medication or drugs; and exposure to water and air pollution. Over time this congestion inhibits the normal functioning of the liver and gallbladder, leading to a host of issues including hair loss, low libido, body-wide inflammation, high cholesterol, feelings of anxiety and anger, gallstones and poor sleep. Adding a liver and gallbladder flush to your juice cleanse is the most effective way to restore homeostasis and set the precondition for the body to heal itself. 

TCM Pick: Master Liver Gallbladder Flush


Glutamine is a common amino acid that is found in many protein-containing foods and has been shown through research to reduce alcohol and sugar cravings, and to heal and restore the health of the mucus membranes inside the colon. It is particularly effective for those with leaky gut, food allergies, ulcers, gluten-intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, and any other gut-related disorder. Most people suffer from some degree of leaky gut after years of eating a poor diet, taking antibiotics, drinking alcohol or taking drugs, making glutamine an essential supplement to add into a juice cleanse. Continuous use of glutamine can heal the gut and restore normal digestive function, so consider taking it even after the finish of the cleanse. It is also excellent for those who suffer from cachexia, pancreatitis, addictions to sugar or alcohol, or who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation.

TCM Pick: L- Glutamine Powder

* Before undergoing a juice cleanse or supplementation, consult with your practicing physician. This post is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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