Meet our January Guest Editor: Kate Hudson of Fabletics

Meet our first Guest Editor of 2015, golden girl Kate Hudson. Read all about her New Year's aspirations, find out all about her new company, and then join us all month for insights from this inspiring beauty...

Is there anyone more quintessentially cool than Kate Hudson? We can’t think of anyone either! We’re so thrilled to start the year off with a guest who’s so bubbly, yet so damn cool. Our New Year’s resolution is just to give off more of the vibes Kate’s got going on in the photo above.

Last year, Kate launched a fitnesswear line that took our girl crush to the next level. Fabletics is a line of functional fitnesswear we’re loving for many reasons. The styles are sleek and stylish (this bra though!) the fits are functional and street-ready (because who goes straight from gym to home?) and you can acquire the styles monthly through their subscription service which seems like the perfect solution for making healthy resolutions last.

Join us all month as we share Kate’s healthful insights, some Fabletics giveaways, plus stylish pointers to get 2015 off to a fresh start. Start with Kate’s tip below, a seasonal cleanse, by getting in on Pressed Juicery’s New Year’s juice cleanse offer. It’s a yearly tradition for our team and we know it’s a staunchly held habit for so many of our readers. Pop a green juice, put your feet up, and enjoy Kate’s letter. Welcome to 2015…

Dear Chalkboard readers,

Happy New Year! There’s something very empowering about January 1, knowing that it signifies a new year and a chance to start fresh. But there’s also an unspoken pressure to come up with a list of resolutions and stick to them, which isn’t always realistic. I like to focus on one or two things that are manageable and mean the most. Of course, whether you have one New Year’s resolution or ten, everyone could use a little inspiration to help keep them. Fabletics is mine in more ways than one. Putting on a stylish but functional workout outfit from Fabletics is my first step in motivation. The Fabletics community is also inspiring, and the posts I see from our fans motivate me in a way I never could have imagined.

I’ve always led a very active life and another big part of my inspiration is how great being active makes me feel. I find that the more I work out, the more I enjoy it and start to crave it. I may not always be able to fit in an entire Pilates session or dance class, but even 20 minutes of chasing after the kids is a little cardio! As long as I’m breaking a sweat in some form, I consider it a victory. I think it’s important to be realistic with myself, knowing that not every day is going to go according to plan, and be flexible when it’s not.

As far as eating habits, “everything in moderation,” is a mantra that works for me. You’ll usually find me with a juice from Pressed Juicery in my hand (Lemon Cayenne H2O, Greens 3 and Vanilla Almond are go-tos), but I do occasionally splurge on ice cream. And while one of my favorite foods is pizza, I use portion control (a small piece is just 150 calories, which means I can have three for a meal). I also like to do seasonal elimination cleanses to refresh and recharge.

Whatever your goals are for the new year, stay motivated and don’t get discouraged! Take each day one at a time and remember to celebrate the victories while learning from the setbacks.


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