3 Holistic Supplements To Beat An Energy Slump

Until we figure out how to add an extra hour to the day, we’ll always be on the lookout for natural ways to power through that 3pm slump! We’re continuing our series on supplements with holistic health coach, Summer Sanders, by exploring three potent all-natural to increase energy, build stamina and turn us into generally happier and more efficient human beings…

Energy supplements are the most important ones! In order to function at a high level, we need energy. Drinking too much coffee and using overly processed forms of caffeine can really harm your body and wear down your adrenals. Using plant-based energizers that support your whole body is the best way to get enduring energy and longevity – without the dreaded diagnosis of adrenal fatigue. TCM Editor’s Note: Learn all about adrenal fatigue here! 

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Raw Cacao

Yes, you read that right. Cacao is a beauty superfood; I consider it a supplement for youth and for beauty. It’s also an aphrodisiac and hormone balancer. The polyphenol antioxidants found in cacao are the same found in green tea and red wine – powerful antioxidants that prevent cells from breaking down. Cacao has many other properties, but these are my favorites. Make sure to find high-quality chocolate, preferably from South America. My two favorite ways to get cacao are in bars and as a superfood smoothie or tonic add-on. I use Terrasoul cacao at my home and at my shop.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a product from Onnit. It is a clinically studied nootropic (cognitive enhancer) that increases brain activity and actually works to repair damage in the brain while keeping you focused and energized. I started using Alpha Brain when I was opening my business and it helped me stay organized in my brain and in my daily actions.


Maca is probably my oldest and most trusted supplement. It is a South American root that has been used successfully by men and women for thousands of years. I use it in my daily life for energy, hormone balancing and overall sexiness! Seriously, it’s a libido booster for both men and women. I love the malty flavor and it pairs well with almost every smoothie or tonic. I prefer roasted maca and use Whole World Botanicals.

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