In The Shop: 20 Chic + Cozy November Essentials

As soon as November First hits, our minds speed ahead to the third Thursday of the month. Our brain is in the kitchen and our shopping finger is ready to click away at nubby sweaters, dining room decor and the perfect cookbooks for a cozy November!

This month, we’ve gathered twenty items we think are essential to living well from here to Thanksgiving. From a cute-as-a-button phone charger to leggings that work like Spanx – we’ve got you covered and know what you need.

We’re dying for this cozy and stylish cape, insisting that you check out this set of non-toxic and non-stick pots and pans (if not now, then they’re perfect as a holiday gift) and giving a shout-out to Hedley&Bennett, who’s aprons have quickly become every serious home-cook’s holiday staple.

In charge of the big feast? Get some guidance from top names in the food world who’s fantastic cookbooks you’ll cook with all year–some of the most stunning cookbooks of the season. Style the table in just two moves: thunk down one of these chic cheese boards and throw what we’re calling the modern-day cornucopia – a leather basket from Food52 – onto the counter for instant natural glamour.

The beauty products you trust us to source are there, plus the perfect ear candy for that candle-lit holiday dinner. We’ve always thought that styling up a Thanksgiving look is tough – but these little details definitely help.

We hope you enjoy the November Shop – a break from the bold prints and DIY kits of October – and we want to know what you think. Check it out by clicking over and tell us what you want to see in The Shop for December. We love curating these favorite things for you and hope you’re enjoying our version of shopping à la Chalkboard!


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