Whether running through your neighborhood or hiking through local hills, do you ever wish you could just bring the outdoors in? Whether its a pile of river rocks, an armload of branches, or a bouquet of freshly fallen leaves, there’s nothing we love more this time of year than bringing all those natural materials into the house – the question becomes what to do with it all.

We asked our latest all-natural Insta-crush, Flora Forager, to show us how to make these delicate and adorable fall leaf lanterns with leaves gathered from the woods-slash-neighbor’s tree. They scratch our itch for neighborhood foraging just perfectly and make a great family or roommate project if you find yourselves wired on leftover Halloween candy and giddy about the cozy, new season.

Bridget Collins (a.k.a Flora Forager) breaks down all the details below. Editor’s note: This is not the kind of votive to leave strewn about unattended in the guest bath or entryway – the votives need constant attention to avoid any fire hazards, but you’ll be happy to ogle them all evening anyway!

DIY fall leaf lanterns


fall leaves
votives/jam jars
glue stick
rubber bands
flameless votive candles


1. Gather leaves straight from the tree, if possible. If not, gather the best you can find from under the trees.
2. Glue the bottom half of fresh, dry leaves to the votives, allowing for the tops to curl back a bit. 
3. Keep the leaves in place with a rubber band until the glue dries completely. 
4. Place a flameless candle – inside the votive and enjoy! 
Disclaimer: Real votive candles are used here, but we recommend using battery-powered votives instead! Same look, less work to look after.
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